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By Alan Zeichick Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. Security analysts. Incident responders. Hunters. The industry tends to toss those terms around when describing the cybersecurity specialists that staff a Security Operations Center (SOC). What exactly do they mean? And how standardized are those descriptions? The short answer is that the job tiers are fairly common across SOCs, but it’s by no means a standard. A job posting I found at an employment site, for example, describes: Security Operations Center Technician, Tier 1: The Tier 1 Security Operations Center Analyst will act as the first responder to account/system attacks to determine threat vectors and then provide initial remediation. The successful Read more

By Alan Zeichick The United Kingdom is under attack. Not from a single large adversary, but from dozens or hundreds of cybercriminals, some large and well-organized, others small and opportunistic. Some attackers wants to cripple the U.K.; others want to turn a quick profit. The brand-new report, “The cyber threat to U.K. business,” issued in April 2018 by the National Cybre Security Centre (NCSC), describes many of those threats in painful detail. The report talks about the biggest incidents of 2017 in a number of categories, including ransomware, distributed denial of service (DDoS), data breaches, supply chain compromises, and fake news. It also looks at business email compromise (BEC) fraud, Read more

San Jose, CA, USA. 29th September 2017: The winners of the IoT and Cloud Innovation Awards 2017 were announced at the NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit in San Jose, California, USA. These prestigious awards celebrate the year’s most significantly innovative start-ups and established companies in the fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud/Datacenter and Cybersecurity arenas. Read more

Lights! Camera! Champagne! The winners of the IoT, Cloud & Cybersecurity Innovation Awards 2017 couldn’t be happier — especially since it wasn’t an easy road to victory. First, the nominees for the awards had to submit an entry. There were six awards categories – three for “Hot Start-Ups” and three for “Innovation Leader.” Within each of those broad areas, there was one award focused on each of the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud/Datacenter and Cybersecurity. The initial nominations, and there were many, were run past 40+ leading technology press and industry analysts representing 35+ countries across the globe to determine a list of finalists. Those finalists were then judged at Read more

Did you know that the lingua franca used by hackers is Russian? That language, not English, is what cybercriminals of all nationalities use to share intelligence, recruit team members, and crow about their victories on the Dark Web. Just because the information is in Russian, though, that doesn’t mean the players are actually Russian. That’s one of the insights from the opening keynote panel at the Global Press & Analyst Summit on Sept. 28, held in Silicon Valley. The panel was moderated by Alan Zeichick, Principal Analyst at Camden Associates. Three top cybersecurity law enforcement experts made up the panel: MK Palmore of the FBI’s Cyber Branch in San Francisco; Read more

IoT, Cloud & CyberSecurity Innovation Awards 2017 – finalists announced Now SIX categories – judging by IT gurus, VCs, technology media and analysts San Jose, CA, USA. 14 September 2017: Finalists have been announced for six categories of the prestigious IoT and Cloud Innovation Awards 2017. There will be three Hot Start Up awards for pre-IPO contestants, and three Innovation Leader awards for established companies offering ground-breaking, innovative products or services. In both cases, there will be separate awards for the Cloud/Datacentre, IoT and CyberSecurity categories. The winners will be announced and the awards presented at the NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit Gala Dinner on Thursday 28th September. All Read more


by Mark Fox There’s a huge amount of investment in networking innovation — in the LAN, in the WAN, and in the enterprise data center. As the network perimeter continues to expand across the enterprise, and into the cloud, organizations increasingly want to get the greatest return on investment. The newest breakthroughs: Intent-Based Networking (IBNS) and Application-Specific Networking (ASN). In some cases, that means using the public Internet to deliver business-class connectivity which is reliable, flexible and compliant — and which meet applications’ programmed requirements for delivering the necessary Quality of Experience. In other cases, that means using advanced intelligence and analytics to continually optimize data center connectivity, achieving efficiencies, Read more

by Mark Fox Armed with the latest software tools, they are successfully exploiting human weaknesses through clever phishing and spearphishing, and leveraging vulnerabilities in servers, payment systems, and cloud platforms. They must be stopped – and at the upcoming NetEvents Global Press & Analysts Summit in San Jose, CA on Sept 28 & 29, you’ll learn exactly how intelligence services, Internet providers, and software companies are taking the fight back to the hacker. Come be part of the cybersecurity conversation at this Global Press & Analysts Summit. The final speakers are now being selected and we promise to dig deep into the mind of the hacker. Who are they? Some are Read more


by Mark Fox NetEvents European Media Spotlight opened in London’s Chelsea Harbour – a rare visit to its homeland – to enable press, vendors and analysts from around the globe to discuss issues around Innovation, IoT, AI and Security. Security was the key issue of the day, with an opening keynote, discussions, and two debates around the topic. What made it unusual was the in-depth keynote speech from ex-GCHQ Deputy Director of Intelligence and Cyber Operations, Brian Lord. He delivered his experience of security from a state perspective. Among his many points, he talked about how many attackers are now state-sponsored but said that they are all, basically, criminals. Joined on-stage Read more


By Alan Zeichick Ping! chimes the email software. There are 15 new messages. One is from your boss, calling you by name, and telling him to give you feedback ASAP on a new budget for your department. There’s an attachment. You click on it. Hmm, the file appears to be corrupted. That’s weird. An email from the CEO suggests you read a newspaper article. You click the link, the browser seems to go somewhere else, and then redirects to the newspaper. You think nothing of it. However, you’ve been spearphished. Your computer is now infected by malware. And you have no idea that it even happened. That’s the reality today: Read more