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Debate Session – DC Shootout – the quest for the killer infrastructure. Introduced and chaired by Sean Hackett, 451 Group. Panel members: Dell, HP, IBM, and Nuage Networks. Presentation highlights: Forecast to 2016; public cloud CAGR 39%, private 21%. DCs are at the virtualization stage (61%) and will evolve to automation followed by orchestration.... Read more

A mix of around 50+ press and analysts coming from 25 countries attended this year’s summit. The keynote presentation by Martin Casado, CTO of Networking, VMware covered the intrinsic differences between the creation of a data center by a company such as Amazon who owns and controls the applications and that of the average enterprise.... Read more

Day Two, 21 November 2013

Debate Session IV: Public/private/hybrid Cloud – choosing horses for courses Introduced and chaired by David Coyle, Managing Vice President, Gartner Panellists: James Walker, President, Cloud Ethernet Forum; Tawhid Rijwanur Rahman, General Manager – Service Planning, PDD, Technology, Grameenphone; Doug Wills, Senior Director, Product Marketing, JUNOS & SDN Juniper Networks Coyle opened the first debate of Day Two by presenting Gartner's latest research into CIO attitudes to cloud computing. He said that 55% of CIOs believe that all applications and operations will be cloud-sourced by 2020.... Read more

Greg Bell explained how he and his team have implemented software-defined networking (SDN) at the school in order to improve security on the 1,400-student school's network. This is the first real-world case study of SDN technology that NetEvents has seen.... Read more

The implications of new Cloud, SDN, Datacentre automation, orchestration and interconnect innovations are some of the hottest topics currently being discussed and debated in networking today.... Read more

Innovation is vital. It drives progress and makes the world a better place to live in. We even rely on innovation to solve the problems created by innovation itself... Read more

IT gurus and professionals from the world’s leading technology press and analysts to select eight category winners for high profile awards in May.... Read more

This year's APAC event combined both press and service provider summits which ran coterminously at the JW Marriott Hotel, Phuket, Thailand. Software-defined networking (SDN) was a major topic, occupying most of the first morning of the two-day event. Among the key speakers were Rick Bauer, Managing Director, Technology, Open Networking Foundation who updated the conference on why service providers should be considering SDN. Read more

NetEvents Phuket 2013: Day Two blog The second day of NetEvents opened with a guest speaker presentation by Doug Schultz, VP of Asia Pacific/Japan, FireEye, entitled Proactive strategies against today's new breed of cyber attacks. Read more

NetEvents Phuket 2013: Day One blog The 2013 APAC combined press and service provider summit, held in Phuket, Thailand, opened with a keynote from Rick Bauer, Managing Director. Technology, Open Network Foundation. Read more