2022: A year of recovery and innovation

Was 2021 good for you? Was it 12 months of uninterrupted growth and prosperity? If it was, you may be in a minority. But let’s not get hung up examining the painful past. Let’s instead consider some of the tech trends that will emerge in 2022 to lead us back to success. Here’s a handful of the developments that should help towards making 2022 a time of recovery and strength:


  • Solutions will appear that facilitate Multi-Cloud Networking (MCN). This software-driven trend is being called the ‘third wave of cloud networking’. In a survey by analyst firm Futuriom, 83% of respondents said they were exploring MCN solutions. The cloud market will also call for better orchestration solutions to deliver visibility, control and security for distributed edge computing. Look out for cloud solutions that make better use of APIs, as well as developments like cloud to cloud virtualisation. This could be the year when we see adoption of software that enables better privacy when using public cloud infrastructure.
  • Everyone talked about AI last year. That conversation is nowhere near done. AI and ML will continue to be ubiquitous, and we’ll see a raft of start-ups with new approaches to the use of AI in enterprise contexts. For example we’ll see more AI solutions in areas like natural language processing. We’ll see AI behind metaverse innovations. Just watch NVIDIA’s Omniverse environment flourish which uses AI to combine computer vision, natural language comprehension, recommendation engines, and simulation.
  • Cybersecurity solutions will, from necessity, need to get smarter and better integrated with other technology. CISOs will be expecting 2022 to deliver a multitude of innovations in cybersecurity. Data analytics will pay a part here, offering the ability to analyse data faster and at a deeper level to help pick up security anomalies. Expect to see the growing popularity of software-only, cloud-orchestrated, Zero Trust networks.
  • If you like hearing about developments at the network edge, you’re going to enjoy 2022. New solutions will emerge that take the centre of enterprise gravity further into the field and away from head offices and data centres. 5G will be critical here, particularly Private 5G.
  • We’ll see further evolution in the market for secure access service edge (SASE) technologies as demand for the convergence of security, SD-WAN and cloud services continues to develop. SASE vendors will consolidate and the reduced number of larger players will invest in better and more integrated solutions. Hybrid cloud, multi cloud and edge connectivity will also move into a new, more mature phase.
  • Networks will become more automated. Network managers are turning to software-based network automation in the form of tools and platforms that maintain pre-defined security, reliability, and performance standards across multi-cloud networks while accurately tracking changes and creating audit trails. We’ll also see a new wave of virtualisation technologies as digital businesses look for ways to innovate faster.



This is really just a taster of what is to come. If you want more then you need to tune into the following event


Hot Trends for 2022


It will feature a conversation between the following innovative industry visionaries:


Analyst Chair: Scott Raynovich, Founder and Principal Analyst, Futuriom

Ayal Yogev, CEO and co-founder, Anjuna Security Inc

Shekar Ayyar, Chairman and CEO, Arrcus

Hiro Rio Maeda, Managing Partner, DNX Ventures

Galeal Zino, Founder & CEO, NetFoundry

Chris Wolf, Chief Research and Innovation Officer, VMware


By Guy Matthews, Editor of NetReporter


Image courtesy of Top Business Tech

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