4 Thought Leaders’ Insights Into SD-WAN’s Vital Role Post COVID

4 Thought Leaders’ Insights Into SD-WAN’s Vital Role Post COVID


Your invitation to a free 75-minute webinar discussion:


SD-WAN Analysts’ Outlook


Tuesday 30th June

San Francisco: 8am – New York:11am ­– London: 4pm – Paris: 5pm


Just six months ago, the SD-WAN market was on fire.

Then along came Coronavirus.


We’ve invited four senior analysts highly focused on SD–WAN, its vital role and global market potential, to a virtual “round table” discussion. This is your unique opportunity to get the latest data, analysis and outlook – not just from a single analyst company, but four of the very best:


  1. Scott Raynovich, Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom
  2. Dell’Oro Group Vice President, Shin Umeda
  3. IDC’s Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Networks, Brandon Butler
  4. Vertical Systems Group’s Director of Research Services, Erin Dunne


4 INSIGHTS into the impact of Coronavirus on the SD-WAN market:

  1. Shin Umeda will focus on the near term impact on the SD-WAN market
  2. Scott Raynovich will present prior findings of IDC’s extensive SD-WAN survey and resulting market forecasts
  3. Erin Dunne will expand on Vertical System’s STATFlash SD-WAN market timeline predictions
  4. Brandon Butler will explain how enterprises are moving from optimizing costs to targeted investments to support their “new normal” operations –a vital opportunity for SD-WAN



4 INSIGHTS into the SD-WAN roadmap: where the technology is now and where it’s heading:

  1. Enterprise buying criteria are evolving towards more holistic, automated SD-WAN solutions that integrate management of not just routing functionality but additional network, security and management features.
  2. Brandon Butler will present the latest IDC data on the move to SD-Branch – integrating management of multiple network and security functions at the enterprise network edge
  3. Shin Umeda brings to the table Dell’Oro’s analysis and conclusions on trends in the overall SD-WAN vendor landscape over 2019 and early 2020
  4. Erin Dunne will explain Vertical Systems Group’s specific focus on the services aspect of Carrier Managed SD-WAN.


Too many unknowns about SD-WAN technology, deployment and uptake?

These 75 minutes will bring you right up to date – with the latest facts plus expert recommendations.


Is SD-WAN still a hot investment?

All you need to know about the industry’s shorter and longer term prospects. head over to our website, NetEvents.org, for a taste of our upcoming events.


What is the media outlook for SD-WAN?

Following the discussion, there will be a 15 minute Q&A session between the analysts and an invited audience of media and their VIP guests from around the globe. An insight into media doubts and expectations – and maybe a foretaste of tomorrow’s SD-WAN headlines!


SD-WAN is among the most vital developments in networking, so these questions must be answered. Hear our select group of industry analysts present and discuss their latest research – what was expected, what has happened and – most important – what lies ahead.




Visit our website, NetEvents.org, for information and a taste of our upcoming events.

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