5G demand sets RAN market racing

Pictured: Stefan Pongratz, Vice President and analyst with the Dell’Oro Group


Surging demand for 5G has sent demand for radio access network (RAN) solutions into overdrive, a leading analyst has revealed.


A recently published report from the Dell’Oro Group underlines the positive momentum of the radio access network (RAN) market since it started to pick up speed in the second half of 2018. Its pace this year has remained strong, growing in the third quarter on the back of surging demand for 5G.


“While we correctly identified that the RAN market would appear disconnected from the underlying economy throughout this year, we also underestimated the pace and the magnitude of these 5G rollouts,” said Stefan Pongratz, Vice President and analyst with the Dell’Oro Group. “This shift from 4G to 5G, including low-band-and mid-band 5G NR, continued to accelerate at a torrid pace in the quarter, underpinned by stronger-than-expected 5G activity in multiple regions.”


He added that RAN revenue shares were impacted by 5G rollouts in China and North America, resulting in share gains for both Huawei and ZTE over the first three quarters of this year. The near-term outlook remains favourable for both macro and small cells, said Pongratz, with combined 2020 and 2021 2G-4G and 5G base station shipments projected to eclipse 10 million units.


“We have adjusted the near-term RAN market outlook upward, to reflect stronger than expected activity in China, Europe, and North America, with total RAN projected to approach $70 billion to $80 billion for the combined 2020 and 2021 period,” he concluded.


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