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5G wireless backhaul fuelling microwave transmission sales

Deployments of 5G services in new markets are driving demand for microwave transmission equipment to fresh heights, according to new findings from a senior analyst.


Dell’Oro Group said increased microwave transmission demand will be driven in particular by 5G markets that rely more on wireless backhaul.


“Microwave transmission equipment demand is on the rise,” said Jimmy Yu, Vice President of Dell’Oro Group. “Demand for microwave transmission equipment for mobile backhaul is already off to a good start, growing 11 percent in 2021. We expect future 5G installations will drive this market’s growth for a few more years. Although 5G deployments started a few years ago, most of those were rolled out in areas with high fiber availability. We are now seeing the 5G spectrum auctions and new roll outs in markets that rely more on wireless backhaul. This bodes well for point-to-point microwave transmission equipment.”


Dell’Oro also said that for the cumulative period that includes the years 2022 through 2026, microwave transmission equipment revenue is projected to approach $18 billion. Approximately 70 percent of the market will be driven by mobile backhaul. The remainder will be from sales into vertical markets such as enterprises and government. The technology segment with the highest five year growth will be E-band. The E/V Band market is forecast to grow at a 25 percent compounded annual growth rate.


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