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5G’s strengths key to driving next wave of DX

The qualities of 5G technology, including its high speed, superior reliability and negligible latency, will be crucial in powering the next wave of digital transformation, a leading data and analytics company has said.


Kiran Raj, Practice Head of Disruptive Tech at GlobalData, said he anticipates that the wide-scale adoption of 5G will drive the next wave of Industry 4.0 where a faster response to customer needs is required.


“The technology’s use cases span a wide range of sectors including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and media & entertainment to enable smart, efficient, and user-friendly decisions,” he said.


GlobalData has predicted that emerging innovation areas in 5G such as 5G network slicing, 5G mmWave, standalone (SA) 5G, and 5G new radio unlicensed (NR-U) will support game-changing use cases such as remote surgeries, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, high-speed broadband, and immersive experiences.


The firm’s FutureTech Series report, “5G revolution: key disruptive forces to drive digital transformation,” highlights  over 50 disruptive forces in 5G as emerging, accelerating, and maturing innovation areas based on their rate of growth in innovation.


5G network slicing, it said, enables network operators to unlock effective utilization of resources to deliver wide-scale applications ranging from low-latency for remote surgeries and autonomous vehicles to high-throughput for video streaming.


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