Alkira takes a leap with CBaaS backbone service

Alkira, a pioneer in the Network Cloud market, has developed the industry’s first Cloud Backbone-as-a-Service (CBaaS), aimed at helping to extend cloud connectivity from any network to any other network.

CBaaS is an expansion of Alkira’s Network Cloud, launched in April to provide a global unified multi-cloud network with integrated network and security services. With CBaaS, said Alkira, enterprises can build a global high speed low latency backbone within minutes.

“Our new service provides high-bandwidth, low-latency layer 3 site-to-site, elastic connectivity that enables your business to connect core data centres to the edge, or remote sites worldwide, and to any hybrid multi-cloud, within moments,” said Atif Khan, Alkira’s CTO and co-founder.

He said CBaaS lets network managers expand the backbone using a self-service portal: “It’s a true as-a-service offering with no hardware to manage or software to download, enabling organizations to provision at velocity, high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity with exacting service levels and at a fraction of the cost of building your own network,” he added.

CBaaS includes advanced routing controls, end-to-end segmentation, built-in path redundancy, and integrated firewall security, easing complexity in a WAN environment. It can scale to tens of thousands of routes for each customer and offers unified policy control and end-to-end visibility.

“These are all qualities that make Alkira CBaaS uniquely suited to addressing the cloud era’s networking challenges,” concluded Khan. “Imagine, for example, the power of rapidly extending more of your on-site infrastructure into the cloud and integrating it with your multi-cloud environment, with end-to-end governance and visibility.”

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