Aruba extends cloud-native edge services platform

Aruba has announced enhancements to its edge services platform, Aruba ESP. The company, now part of Hewlett Packard, has said the move will unify IoT, IT, and operational technology networks, enabling customers to quickly adapt to changing environments and user requirements. Back in June, Aruba ESP was launched as the industry’s first cloud-native platform built for the intelligent edge.


The company has claimed that Aruba ESP is the first fully programmable platform to generate contextual information – about identity, location, security posture, and applications in use – to power efficient decision making and AIOps. Built to integrate with devices and applications from Aruba’s technology partners, customers can now become hyper-aware of their operating environment so they can quickly adapt to evolving business, visitor, and employee demands.


Enhancements to the Aruba ESP cloud-native, AI-powered platform are integral to sensing, analysing, and reacting to device data and contextual information. Aruba access points and switches now serve as multi-protocol IoT/OT platforms that interface with Aruba’s expanded technology partner ecosystem.



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