Aviatrix study shows effectiveness of cloud networking

The value of a cloud networking platform for enterprises with a multi-cloud strategy has been demonstrated by an independent study.


Network cloud provider Aviatrix commissioned the study, which was carried out independently by Forrester Consulting. Based on interviews with Aviatrix customers, the research looked at the business value justification of using a network cloud platform. The resulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study showed that a platform like Aviatrix will pay for itself more than twice over in a three-year span. It also revealed big revenue and margin gains from new and existing customers that could be directly attributed to multi-cloud readiness and faster time-to-market. Cost savings from operational efficiency and resource re-allocation were also noted.


Aviatrix said its cloud network platform helps organizations automate and control cloud network infrastructure, maintain security compliance, and respond to clients much faster.


“We’re very pleased with the overall results of the Forrester TEI Study,” said Rod Stuhlmuller, Vice President of Product Marketing at Aviatrix. “The quantifiable data truly highlights the benefits our customers receive using the Aviatrix cloud network platform. Furthermore, our customers achieve these benefits in both single and multi-cloud environments. As more enterprises adopt a multi-cloud strategy, Aviatrix’s market leading solutions will be the foundation for demonstratable economic gains.”


This imminent event will feature top level discussion of cloud networking issues.





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