Call for Papers

FINAL Call for Papers – Submission Deadline May 25th

You are invited to submit presentation ideas for consideration at the NetEvents EMEA Press & Analyst Summit 2018

This is your opportunity to propose agenda topics for our 2018 NetEvents EMEA Press & Analyst Summit which will be held on the 27 & 28 September in Algarve, Portugal. NetEvents is hosting a stimulating conference programme focused on innovations in Cloud, IoT, AI and Security, providing your organization with the opportunity to participate in plenary conference sessions PLUS, most importantly, a series of scheduled 30-40 min. briefings with leading press and analysts from the EMEA region.

NetEvents is inviting senior representatives of the technology press from across the EMEA region including: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, UAE, UK & Ukraine Our Summits provide a highly efficient, cost-effective and proven formula for tech industry CEOs and senior execs, to brief top media from the EMEA region in a single location, in just 48 hours.

We are delighted to invite you to be a part of the event from the onset and propose new topics for our upcoming event covering important industry trends predicted for 2018.

This is your exclusive opportunity to suggest topics for the NetEvents EMEA Press & Analyst Summit. Please submit your application, topics currently being considered include the following areas:

  • Intent-based networking
  • Latest advances in Cybersecurity
  • Data Centre Transformation
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence in network and business applications
  • Securing the Internet of Things
  • The Future of Cloud
  • The security challenge in the financial sector
  • Driving & Funding Innovation

Submission Process

Applications due 25th May 2018

If your organisation would like to propose a conference panel topic and/or presentation submission for our NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit please see below for more information on the proposal process:

Basics for Debate Panel Submissions & Speaking Opportunities

Planning begins well in advance of each conference. Please do not include proprietary or confidential material in your proposals. All submissions will be reviewed by NetEvents Editorial Advisory Board.

Unfortunately, we are unable to contact everyone who submits a proposal to provide their submission status.

Please be assured that you will be contacted if your submission is chosen.

The Proposal Process

Before you submit a proposal…

Review recommended speakers/ panellists to ensure there is a good mix of views/opinions, companies, experience and technology represented. The Debate Panel proposal needs to be approx 200-250 words in length.

Suggestions for participating panellists (4 panelists in total) and a chairperson are also welcomed as part of the proposal.

For your information, the Debate Panel Sessions at our events are scheduled for approx 30 to 40 minutes (5 minute introduction by Chairperson, 20 to 30 minute panel debate discussion, 5 minute audience Q&A session).

If your proposal is accepted…

You agree to meet all of the deadlines determined by NetEvents including agreeing to participate in the conference pre-briefing sessions – our audience expects topical and interesting debates and presentations. Naturally, they deserve to hear from speakers who have put time and effort in to properly preparing for their session.

If this is of interest please click on the link below and we will send across a  submission form for your completion. As a guide for completing your submission, we suggest you check out examples of past event conference debate sessions on the NetEvents website. Also, remember to include bio and area(s) of expertise of your proposed speaker. We will contact you if you are selected.


Entry deadline for submissions: 25th May 2018. To submit your 2018 topic suggestions please contact:

Helen Whitworth for a submission form