Rapidly Evolving Trends in Cloud Networking Security and Cloud-Native Security

Our sense of security is deeply ingrained. For centuries we understood that, if a house has doors, you lock them. So, if your business network has an entry point, you install a firewall. But BYOD, wireless connectivity, and cloud applications have exploded the number of entry points.

You Don’t Need to Be Google or Facebook to Achieve Data Center Greatness

Think about the economies of scale… then just imagine the economies of hyperscale! It’s enough to make an average enterprise weep: what chance of ever being able to compete in a market dominated by the world’s hyperscale giants?

What’s on the cards with SD-WAN and MPLS?

Erin Dunne, who directs the research practice for market research and consulting analysts Vertical Systems Group launched a discussion on the current state and future of SD-WAN and MPLS. She invited three of the industry’s leading players – with experience embracing every aspect of WAN development: from services to the enterprise side, buying, selling, development and standards.

Multicloud: How the Industry is Responding

When everyone first started talking about The Cloud, it looked as if the pendulum might be swinging back towards a client/server situation, with “the” cloud being the server to a world-wide population of relatively thin clients.

“It’s One Helluva View” – The 2020 Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

The battle between organisation and chaos rages across the cyber universe. Whose side are you on? Business and Government will of course insist that they are the forces of stability and organisation, and the cyber criminals and saboteurs are the forces of chaos.

True AI – A Long and Winding Road?

Suddenly we are inundated with Artificial Intelligence (AI): smart kettles, smart houses and cities, self-parking cars… and every cloud service now seems to be claiming some AI or Machine Learning (ML) capability. So how come a discussion panel at this year’s NetEvents Global IT Summit, San Jose, USA, entitled How long is the road to AI?

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