Ethernet Innovation – Session 1a

Celebrating 40 Years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 1a

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Wednesday 22nd May
Celebrating 40 years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 1 – Panel 1a

Keynote interview — Bob Metcalfe interviewed onstage by Paul Saffo
Session #1: Ethernet’s early history and war stories
Introduced and Chaired by Paul Saffo, Futurist
Panel 1a. Meet the inventors of Ethernet
A reunion of the brains behind the biggest revolution in human communications since the invention of movable type – and a rare opportunity to see them reflect on those times. What was the world like before personal computers? How did Ethernet emerge from Arpanet and ALOHA? What was the need? Had they any idea where this invention would take them, and the world?

Panellists: Norm Abramson; Dave Boggs; Bill Hawe; Radia Perlman

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