Ethernet Innovation – Session 2a

Celebrating 40 Years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 2a

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Wednesday 22nd May
Celebrating 40 years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 2 – Panel 2a

Session #2: Lessons from the process that conceived Ethernet
Introduced and Chaired by Steve Hoover, CEO, PARC

The Ethernet as a case study in successful innovation – and how to learn from, and build on, its example. The session begins with an exclusive video interview with Bob Taylor, the man credited with creating so much of Silicon Valley’s fertile innovative culture. This is followed by three panel discussions.
Panel 2a. Government/Academia/Industry in fruitful partnership
In the heady days of market liberalization it is easy to forget the significant role that government can play – not only in backing fundamental research but also supporting standards and breaking anti-competitive monopolies. Industry also scorns the "ivory towers" of academia at its peril, for they provide the flood of published findings to inspire a tidal wave of startups that keep incumbents on their toes. Industry, academia and government – three forces that work wonders in harmony, but how often is this achieved? Which nations get it right? Our panel seeks fresh solutions beyond politics.

Panellists: Judy Estrin, CEO, EvntLive; Yogan Dalal, Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund; Bill English; Paul Grams, Exploration Technology Directorate, NASA; Bill Spencer, Former head of Xerox Research and PARC

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