Ethernet Innovation – Session 2c

Celebrating 40 Years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 2c

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Wednesday 22nd May
Celebrating 40 years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 2 – Panel 2c

Panel 2c. Ethernet/Carrier Ethernet – standards and the evolution of the business model
What has GbE, WiFi or Carrier Ethernet got in common with a 2.49Mbps Ethernet running on coax? At the core of Ethernet stands a de jure standard, but around it has evolved a business model driven by fierce competition, interoperability, and rapid evolution tied to backward compatibility. Is this the ideal balance between the market need for global standards, and the creative demand for freedom? What can today’s entrepreneurs – and standards bodies – learn from this highly successful model?

Panellists: John D’Ambrosia, Chairman, Ethernet Alliance; Geoff Thompson, Independent Consultant and Emeritus Member of the IEEE 802 Executive Committee; Nan Chen, President, MEF; My Le, Professor, Stanford University

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