Ethernet Innovation – Session 3a

Celebrating 40 Years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 3a

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Wednesday 22nd May
Celebrating 40 years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 3 – Panel 3a

Session #3: The Status of Ethernet Today
“In future there will be one universal language – not English, not Mandarin, but Ethernet” according to Nan Chen, president, MEF. As we approach that reality, connecting both people and machines, it is time to take stock and ask “where are we now?” and “what is the next step?”
Panel 3a. Ethernet in enterprise networking
Introduced and Chaired by Rohit Mehra, Vice President, Network Infrastructure, IDC

Ethernet has proved to be the answer, but can we clarify the question? A panel of CIOs and senior execs from industry leaders spells out the key challenges facing enterprise IT today – including virtualization, BYOD, management and security. Is technology serving business needs, or is the tail wagging the dog? Our panel clarifies the way forward, and challenges Ethernet designers to evolve solutions – as they have consistently managed in the past.

Panellists: Sachin Gupta, Snr. Director, Enterprise Networking Group, Cisco; Arpit Joshipura, Vice President of Product Marketing, Dell; Mike Banic, VP Marketing, HP Networking; Steve Collen, VP of enterprise marketing Juniper

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