Ethernet Innovation – Session 4b

Celebrating 40 Years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 4b

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Wednesday 22nd May
Celebrating 40 years of Ethernet Innovation – Session 4 – Panel 4b

Finale 4b. The industry’s key movers & shakers point the way forward
Introduced and chaired by Fritz Nelson, Vice President and Editorial Director, InformationWeek

Fritz Nelson – our “talk show host” introduces a series of big names and rising stars among IT entrepreneurs, grilling each one to find out what motivates them, where they find their inspiration, and what IT horses they are currently backing for future big returns. When each has had their turn, they are invited to explore and decide the best way forward. It’s your final chance to find out what will happen next – from those that make it happen.

Speakers: Andy Bechtolsheim, Founder, Chief Development Officer & Chairman, Arista Network; Henry Samueli, co-founder of Broadcom Corporation; David House, Chairman, Brocade Communications; Vice Chairman, Computer History Museum; Bethany Mayer, Senior Vice President & General Manager Networking, HP

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