Cloud-based solutions buck soft Q2 for network security



While the network security market continues to be disrupted by the COVID pandemic, cloud-focused solutions are on the rise, a new analyst report has found.


Findings from Dell’Oro Group, point to a sustained pause in physical infrastructure projects in the second quarter of the year, with flat market revenue of $3.6 billion compared to the same quarter last year. The largest segment, firewalls, posted a 2% year on year revenue increase. The momentum to leverage cloud-based security to secure remote users and cloud applications, by contrast, continued in Q2, driving email security up 6% and secure web gateways up 14%.


“The network security market was still in the grips of the pandemic in 2Q20,” said Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director, Network Security and Data Center Appliances. “We foresee the current market dynamics to continue in 3Q20 and only begin shifting again late 2020 or early 2021, coinciding with effective therapies or vaccines for COVID-19. While we expect the overall market to shift back to stronger growth in 2021, we anticipate any recovery to be prolonged.”


Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet were the top three network security vendors in terms of revenue share, respectively, while Zscaler, Proofpoint and Huawei had the strongest year on year revenue growth, at 43%, 21% and 13% respectively.


Meanwhile Dell’Oro VP and analyst Stefan Pongratz, has said that he believes attention in the 5G market is starting to shift to 6GHz: “With 5G now being deployed at full speed in the sub 6 GHz spectrum utilizing both the low-band and the upper mid-band, the focus is shifting to the next spectrum frontier,” he explained. “Even if the upper mid-band in conjunction with Massive MIMO has been a tremendous success story both from an economic and technical perspective providing far more aggregate capacity and throughput upside at a much lower capex than initially envisioned, the baseline scenario suggests mobile data traffic is projected to advance another 15x to 25x over the next decade, surpassing 1 Zettabyte (ZB) per month by 2030.”

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