Connectivity key to multi-cloud success, says report

Pictured: Futuriom founder Scott Raynovich


New network-centric approaches to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployment are needed if benefits are to be realised, a major new report has concluded.


Fresh research from analyst firm Futuriom has shown that networking is seen as a key piece of infrastructure needed for a full move to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. Of those organisations that Futuriom surveyed, 81% indicated that multi-cloud networking (MCN) is expected to help simplify or accelerate hybrid or multi-cloud adoption.


The research, which included an end-user survey and dozens of interviews with networking practitioners and the vendor community, showed that momentum is building behind a new way to implement cloud networking. This approach will be based entirely on software, and it will make networking more immediately responsive to application needs. A new generation of multi-cloud networking and hybrid cloud networking solutions needs to be programmable, responsive, and adaptable to any type of infrastructure.


“As organizations accelerate their digital transformation and cloud development plans, they are considering new hybrid and multi-cloud architectures to take advantage of the best cloud technology resources, wherever they reside,” commented Futuriom founder Scott Raynovich. “These new architectures need to give IT, network, and cybersecurity the capabilities to manage applications and assets on premises, in a cloud, or in multiple clouds.”


As organizations seek a greater mix of public, private, and hybrid cloud, new tools will be needed to drive management and automation of these hybrid environments, he added.


“The MCN and HCN movement aims to use cloud infrastructure to connect data and applications no matter where they reside,” concluded Raynovich. “For example, enterprises have found it useful to leverage edge services such as LTE and 5G for new IoT and broadband services. By introducing a fast and automated way of connecting hybrid environments with MCN and hybrid cloud networks, the scale of the cloud can be magnified many times – to become hybrid cloud.”


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