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2020 Tech Vision?

Get your ducks in a row NOW!

It’s a game-changer. Your technology should be making headlines. But the media don’t seem to get it, and the analysts keep pedalling the last hype cycle.We know the feeling.

Well, we should do. Because NetEvents has for many years been the key communications channel between vendors, ICT stakeholders, press and industry analysts across the globe.

The fact is that, once the word is out and buzzing, everyone wants to hear about your work, but amidst a babble of competing voices. Until then, it’s hard to even get noticed.

But what if YOU could set the media agenda for 2020?

From Metro Ethernet to Carrier Ethernet, from SDN to SD-WAN, from hardware-based to Software-First networking, from 4G to 5G and IoT, acknowledgement of true AI in Cybersecurity applications … all technologies and terms everyone now takes for granted. All were FIRST launched at NetEvents and explained properly for the FIRST time to the international press advancement of IoT, and analyst community, and FIRST to become public knowledge – as opposed to empty buzzwords.

NetEvents is holding its annual EMEA IT Spotlight in Portugal, May 21 & 22, 2020, and for the first time, we are offering YOU the opportunity to set the agenda.

Tell us about your offering, product or service and what makes it exciting. We begin with a “call for papers”: an outline for a short presentation. Then suggest some exciting discussion topics to highlight and underline your message.

After two days steeped in yours and related topics, the media will go out with column metres of transcripts, presentation material, video and audio interviews on your chosen topics.

You’ll be seen, heard and remembered by key industry senior execs PLUS over 60 business/IT publications and analyst groups from more than 12 countries – gatekeepers to an audience of over 3 million IT professionals throughout the EMEA region.

OR… you could just leave it and let others set the agenda for 2020!

Get your ducks in a row NOW!.


Mark Fox, NetEvents

Email: mfox@netevents.org

USA: +1 408 504 8665

International : +44 (0) 7836 248110

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