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International Media Round-Table

Developments in the new Cloud Edge SD-WAN . SASE . 5G

14 October 2020

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8am San Fran | 11am New York | 4pm London | 5pm Paris

The faster the network, the more satisfied your customers, and the more productive your employees – especially when a global pandemic forces customers and employees to work from home. Traditional WAN technologies simply can’t keep up – they’re not elastic, they’re not agile, they’re too slow to provision, and they’re far too expensive. Whereas SD-WANs – layering security and management over the Internet – are evolving fast, becoming even more secure and more performant.

SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, combines traditional WANs with very advanced security and other tools to drive cloud and mobile computing. According to Gartner, at least 40% of enterprises will be adopting SASE – it’s the trend to cover.

This new “cloud edge” is an important evolution. Cloud service providers, communications service providers, and co-location facilities providers are building compute, storage, and networking assets closer to the customer — using 5G access points, small cells, WiFi, central offices, or colocation facilities. This will enable dynamic and low-latency applications such as AR/VR, business analytics, and smart retail. This new edge cloud architecture, catalyzed by 5G, will become a key strategic growth platform for the communications technology industry. The business impact will be in the trillions of dollars.

Join this session with Scott Raynovich, Founder and Chief Technology Analyst of Futuriom, plus his expert panel, as they dive deep into the real-world business and technological implications of SD-WAN, SASE, and 5G – and how service providers, cloud providers, and enterprises can actually use a mobile-enabled edge cloud platform. This whole area is ripe with “hot”, well-funded pre-IPO vendors, BUT the larger established networking companies also have their sights set on this potentially lucrative market. Hear about these exciting new developments from one of the leading analysts tracking this sector PLUS the disruptors and established players.

Scott closes this event with a 15 minute Q&A with the panel participants, the media from around the globe and their VIP guests.

Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom
Amir Khan

President, CEO and Founder, Alkira

Galeal Zino

Founder & CEO, NetFoundry

Kevin Deierling

SVP Marketing, Networking, NVIDIA

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