Innovative networking strategies to accelerate your competitive edge

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Innovative networking strategies to accelerate your competitive edge

13 October 2021

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8am San Fran | 11am New York | 4pm London | 5pm Paris

All success is rooted in the power of innovation. Without fresh new ideas, the wheels of commerce would stop turning. The challenges of the past 18 months have in many ways been the catalyst for a wave of innovation that will be the basis for future growth and success.

Businesses have been forced to accelerate their move away from traditional operating models as they adapt to new market conditions. Confronted with rapid change, many businesses have started to embrace new types of operating models to help them connect employees, customers, partners and suppliers in a secure, seamless and trusted way. It is already clear that the success stories of the future will be those that take a digital-first approach to business, placing ‘digital’ at the core of organisational strategy.

While all organisations are on a transformational journey towards this ideal, not all are at the same level of ‘digital maturity’. There are the front runners, already benefitting from the most advanced digital operating models, connectivity platforms and strategies to ensure secure and trusted operations. Then there are those that have already digitalized many areas of their business, but still need to improve in several areas of digital capability. Some inevitably remain at an early stage in digitalizing their operating models.

It is apparent that whatever stage of digital maturity organisations are at, the network is at the heart of their transformational change. Developing the right networking strategy will provide the glue that unites every other element. It is that important.

When we talk about change we’re talking about a lot more than the adoption of a few tools. Change must take in organizational structure, culture, and mindset. Technology is, though, at the centre of bringing change about. Technology is fast becoming a true enabler of collective collaboration. A digital culture has the power to help an enterprise embrace agility, experimentation, risk-tolerance and collaboration while keeping focus on every stakeholder in the chain from customer to supplier to remote worker.

The digital future starts here. To learn more about what innovation means and where networking strategy fits in, you are invited to tune into our event – Networking strategies to accelerate your competitive edge. Introduced and chaired by Erin Dunne of Vertical Systems Group, this session will feature new market research data, plus expert opinions from our panel of leading industry CIOs. There will also be the opportunity for a media Q&A.

Analyst Chair: Erin Dunne
Director of Research Services

Registration for this event is subject to approval

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