F5 builds out cloud security offer with Threat Stack buy

F5 Networks is to spend $68 million to acquire Threat Stack, a cloud security and workload protection company that will build visibility across infrastructure into its portfolio.


“Applications are the backbone of today’s modern businesses, and protecting them is mission critical for our customers,” said Haiyan Song, EVP of Security at F5. “Threat Stack brings technology and talent that will strengthen F5’s security capabilities and further our adaptive applications vision with broader cloud observability and actionable security insights for customers.”


Song pointed out that threats surrounding immersive digital experiences are growing, and that applications are now a focal point for cybercriminals: “Attacks, fraud, and disrupted customer experiences cost businesses more than $100 billion a year,” she added. “These experiences are increasingly powered by applications distributed across multiple environments and deeply interconnected through APIs. This significantly expands potential entry points for attackers and requires greater visibility and context to identify and neutralize threats. Organizations face the daunting challenge of accelerating digital innovation to stay competitive while mitigating a widening range of sophisticated adversaries and growing complexity.”


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