F5 supports cloud-native 5G deployments

Cloud-native security vendor F5 has announced BIG-IP Service Proxy for Kubernetes (SPK) and Carrier-Grade Aspen Mesh, a pair of infrastructure solutions that support the deployment and operation of cloud-native 5G standalone core networks. F5 said the products feature scalable performance, visibility, and security advancements that will enable service providers to deliver innovative new 5G-based services to consumers and enterprises.


The move to a cloud-native 5G core represents an architectural shift for service providers that leverages a microservices-based approach and the standard Kubernetes platform, said the vendor, explaining that cloud-native 5G core services will need to coexist and interoperate with 3G and 4G signalling protocols, applications, billing systems, policies and infrastructure.


BIG-IP SPK and Carrier-Grade Aspen Mesh are the first offerings in a 5G portfolio that will accelerate digital transformation for service providers and their customers. These new solutions allow service providers to easily deploy cloud-native 5G core infrastructure and scale the operation of thousands of microservices and 5G container-based network functions (CNFs).


BIG-IP SPK and Carrier-Grade Aspen Mesh enable support for 5G workloads alongside existing 4G workloads with network elasticity and the application of granular traffic management, security, and access policies to traffic into, out of, and between Kubernetes clusters. With multi-protocol support, service providers can continue to seamlessly monetize 4G network traffic while transitioning to 5G.


“F5’s new solutions support the significant demands of mobile networks by augmenting Kubernetes infrastructure and enabling customers to fully realize the benefits of a cloud-native 5G core with simpler operations and a faster path to revenue,” said James Feger, VP and GM of Service Provider at F5. “This means service providers are able to more efficiently allocate their capital and resources to deliver a broader range of 5G use cases where it matters most.”


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