IaaS provider Beelastic invests to service ‘extreme demands’

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider Beelastic has deployed technology that will enable financial services customers to provision their own services across its home market of Switzerland with minimal response times.

Beelastic provides infrastructure services based around 500 bare-metal servers from diverse manufacturers, running on 1,300km of optical dark fibre that connect Switzerland’s economic centres at a speed of 96 x 100G, ensuring the lowest possible latency at high availability.
Beelastic services range from bare-metal servers, GPU-accelerated virtual desktops, and Veeam Cloud backups to S3 storage – all with appropriate ISO certifications and fully data-agnostic.

“The real-time society needs an infrastructure that guarantees the lowest latency and response times with high-cost efficiency,” explained Hanspeter Tinner, Chief Service Officer and co-founder of Beelastic, referring to what he called the ‘extreme demands’ of Switzerland’s financial sector. “This is only possible if the latest technologies are used throughout.”

The technologies Tinner refers to include NVIDIA GPUs for its installed hardware, switches from Mellanox, NVIDIA’s networking business unit, as well as Cumulus OS for the operating system. Cumulus is also now a part of NVIDIA’s network unit. Fortigate has been installed for security.

Beelastic also chose Apstra for their end-to-end solution to automate, simplify, and continuously validate the network’s design, installation, and operation. Apstra’s Operating System (AOS) supports unified intent and policy across heterogeneous infrastructures helping to eliminate complexity, scale constraints and vendor lock-in.

Tinner said Beelastic planned its entire infrastructure from a near-greenfield starting point: “With an eye to the future, we have freed ourselves from history and decided not to update the legacy systems with a lot of effort and costs,” he pointed out. “In retrospect, this proved to be the right way forward. The company also understood the prominent role of network management in the flexible and cost-efficient provision of transmission and computing services.”



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