IaC trend gathers pace with funding win for env0

Pictured: env0 founders Ohad Maislish and Omry Hay


The trend toward infrastructure-as-code (IaC) has gathered pace, the latest evidence being start-up env0’s announcement of $17 million in Series A funding. The company, with offices in Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley, has so far raised $23.8 million in capital since it was set up in 2018.


IaC is the process of automating the provisioning of infrastructure, a model designed for a world of microservices-based cloud applications. By handling the development of cloud apps via IaC tools such as HashiCorp’s Terraform, DevOps teams can enjoy huge efficiencies. The model is also being popularised by thought leaders such as NetFoundry and Microsoft.


The latest env0 round was led by M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund – and included existing investors Boldstart Ventures, Grove Ventures, and Crescendo Ventures. The funds will be used to expand the company’s IaC platform and accelerate visibility, predictability and governance of cloud deployments.


“env0 has made it its mission to improve IaC functions by coordinating and automating the management of IaC tools and processes,” commented Scott Raynovich, founder of analyst firm Futuriom. “Its platform helps developers manage multiple workflows based on Terraform, Terragrunt, and other IaC tools used to develop apps in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), among other environments.”


“While Infrastructure as Code reduces cloud implementation costs and provisioning time, env0’s powerful IaC automation platform significantly simplifies implementation for organizations, dramatically improving governance and collaboration capabilities,” said Mony Hassid, Managing Director and EMEA Lead, M12. “The company’s team and technology are bringing innovations to market that empower the next generation of cloud deployments.”


“The majority of companies today are embracing IaC frameworks, especially Terraform, since manual cloud provisioning is no longer a viable option,” added Ohad Maislish, env0 CEO. “However, those frameworks were not built as complete business solutions. env0 is doing to IaC frameworks what GitHub did to Git, providing management, governance and collaboration capabilities. With these innovations we are seeing phenomenal demand and impressive adoption rates. We are pleased that M12 and our existing investment partners supported this round of funding which will take us through our next phase of growth.”

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