IDC names four multi-cloud Innovators

Pictured: Brad Casemore, research vice president, Datacenter and Multicloud Networks with IDC


Analyst firm IDC has published its latest Innovators report, profiling four companies that it sees as leaders in the delivery of multi-cloud networking solutions for the enterprise. The four companies are Alkira, Aviatrix, Nefeli Networks, and Volterra.


IDC said that multi-cloud solutions have become vital in the era of SaaS and IaaS, with most enterprises left unable to cope with the complexities of distributed data centres and networks.


“The migration of workloads to clouds not only redefines the parameters of the data centre network, but it also dramatically changes what’s required of the network architecturally and operationally,” said Brad Casemore, research vice president, Datacenter and Multicloud Networks with IDC. “The focus now is on abstracting and mitigating the complexity of networking optimally to disparate clouds, each with its cloud-specific APIs and networking constructs and services. ”


He said multi-cloud networking is designed to meet the need for a simply managed, on-demand, elastically scalable, and highly available distributed network that spans hybrid and multi-cloud environments to support and deliver the applications and workloads that are the lifeblood of the digital enterprise.


The four named companies provide the following:

  • Alkira offers a global, on-demand, unified multi-cloud network that forms an overlay of cloud exchange points, providing a single connection to multiple clouds.
  • Aviatrix addresses the complexity challenge by creating an abstraction layer that makes a multi-cloud network operate as a single network, with a consistent security and operational model across clouds.
  • Nefeli Networks provides highly automated network and security functions that can span multiple clouds with policy-based definitions, fast service creation, autoscaling, self-healing, and pervasive visibility.
  • Volterra uses a SaaS-based platform that consolidates networking, security, application delivery and multiple native cloud provider services to integrate policy and centralize observability.


Alkira has additionally been named a Gartner 2020 Cool Vendor in the category of Enhanced Internet Services and Cloud Connectivity. Alkira’s Cloud Services Exchange (CSX) is the first Network Cloud, a global unified network platform delivered as-a-service with integrated network and security services, and full operational visibility and governance.


Gartner’s strong track record in picking tech winners at the start-up stage adds extra weight to this second accolade.


“Alkira sees its recognition as validation for its multi-cloud growth opportunity, the need for connectivity everywhere, simplified distributed cloud environments, and consistency and governance across workloads,” said Amir Khan, President, CEO and founder of Alkira. “Companies deserve a network on demand with integrated network and security service which is as agile as their cloud service.”

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