Intent-Based Networking and Application-Specific Networking: Unravelling the Confusion…

Intent-Based Networking and Application-Specific Networking: Unravelling the Confusion…

by Mark Fox

There’s a huge amount of investment in networking innovation — in the LAN, in the WAN, and in the enterprise data center. As the network perimeter continues to expand across the enterprise, and into the cloud, organizations increasingly want to get the greatest return on investment. The newest breakthroughs: Intent-Based Networking (IBNS) and Application-Specific Networking (ASN). In some cases, that means using the public Internet to deliver business-class connectivity which is reliable, flexible and compliant — and which meet applications’ programmed requirements for delivering the necessary Quality of Experience. In other cases, that means using advanced intelligence and analytics to continually optimize data center connectivity, achieving efficiencies, scalability, and uptime reliability far beyond anything traditional network-management tools could ever deliver.

At the NetEvents Global Press & Analysts Summit, you will have the opportunity to be part of that conversation.

Learn from leading industry visionaries about Intent-Based Networking and Application Specific Networking in a debate session introduced by Rajesh Ghai, Research Director, IDC, “Application-Specific Networking and Intent-Based Networking Systems: The Road to Smarter Connectivity.” We have invited major network industry leaders such as Cisco to participate alongside hot innovative players including Apstra and NetFoundry, together with SD WAN players for whome it is now vitally critical to pay close attention to these latest developments.

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Speaking of visionaries…

NetEvents TV recently interviewed David Cheriton, Stanford Professor, computer scientist and billionaire early investor in Silicon Valley legends like Google, VMWare, Arista Networks, and co founder of hot start-up Apstra. Watch videos featuring David and his team PLUS a video featuring another key industry thought leader in this field Galeal Zino, co-founder of NetFoundry – one of the hottest new start-ups of 2017 focusing on Application Specific Networking (ASN).

Meet with the executive teams of Apstra, Big Switch, NetFoundry and others leading the charge in “Intent-Based Networking and Application Specific Networking. The road to smarter connectivity” at the NetEvents Global Press & Analysts Summit in San Jose, CA on Sept 28 & 29.