Juniper Networks launches version 4.0 of Apstra software

Pictured: Mike Bushong, VP Data Center, Juniper Networks


Juniper Networks has announced version 4.0 of Apstra software, the intent-based networking solution it acquired earlier in the year.


The software is designed to help organizations minimize the time and costs associated with deploying and managing traditionally complex data centre networks. The new version extends the multivendor capabilities of the solution to support VMware NSX-T 3.0 and Enterprise SONiC, in addition to previously supported data centre switching from Juniper, Nvidia, Arista Networks and Cisco Systems. The software also has new intent extensions and connectivity templates that provide a flexible way of connecting attached systems. Juniper is also offering Apstra with Juniper Networks QFX Series switches and SRX Series Services Gateways.


“Organizations are looking for new ways to enhance the experience of users and operators in the data centre,” commented Mike Bushong, VP Data Center, Juniper Networks. “Our Apstra software provides the perfect foundation by delivering closed-loop automation, analytics and assurance for intent-based networking across vendors. In operations, speed is nothing without control, and with the newest Apstra extensions and multi-vendor solutions, teams can make changes more quickly with predictable outcomes.”


He said Apstra 4.0 takes intent-based networking to the next level by extending intent to connections for attached systems. “It’s a method of essentially ensuring standardized operations in customized ways. New connectivity templates enable operators to flexibly create their own reusable and validated templates. These facilitate operations with bulk, accurate adds across the entire fabric in minutes, including servers, workloads and devices, while checking that everything in the network is functioning properly. Apstra’s single source of truth knows the intended state of the network and informs operators when anything deviates from expectations.”


Juniper’s Apstra acquisition closed in January 2021.

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