Keysight offers cloud-native network testing

Keysight Technologies, a leader in network security, has announced what it claims is the industry’s first cloud-native distributed network performance and security test software. CyPerf has been designed to help organizations characterize user experience and validate the performance limits of hybrid networks, security devices and services.


Keysight has said that as more users, devices, applications, services and data reside outside of an organization, it is offering IT teams a way to measure the performance and security of networks and application services.


“As more users, devices, applications, services and data move to the network edge, a new approach is needed to validate performance and security,” said Ram Periakaruppan, vice president and general manager, at Keysight Network Applications & Security Group. “CyPerf can be deployed by enterprises and network security vendors to fine-tune the balance between digital user experience and security in a dynamic hybrid environment that consists of third-party cloud providers and network connectivity. Performance and security are only as good as the weakest part of a network, and CyPerf identifies those weaknesses with a view into the full application delivery path in hybrid networks.”


The following event promises lively discussion of network security issues.

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