Migration to cloud speeds up to support business continuity

Organisations moving workloads to public cloud platforms are accelerating their migration in response to COVID-19, a leading analyst has identified.


Organizations that were already on cloud journeys involving hybrid IT for reasons of business agility will speed the pace at which they move, predicted Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks, with IDC.


“Before COVID-19, the principal driver for adoption of public cloud was the desire for greater business agility and flexibility in support of digital transformation,” said Casemore. “That driver has not gone away, but now it is reinforced by an unprecedented impetus to achieve a greater degree of business and application resilience, including addressing scenarios for application and business continuity and disaster recovery.”


The data centre network, as well as the WAN extending to branches and other edge locations, he said, will have no choice but to evolve as the acute need for business resilience becomes permanent due to COVID-19.


“The pandemic has left an indelible mark on many enterprise CIOs and executives,” concluded Casemore. “It has really brought home the need for business resilience and continuity and proper disaster planning. A lot of organisations give lip service to it, but when it actually happens they are caught flat footed. Many have resolved not to let this happen to them again. We’re in an unpredictable world where anything can happen, and sometimes does. Enterprises want advance planning. This year has been about one crisis after another. People want to be ready for the next one. There is circumspection out there, and people want to be prepared. They are looking ahead.”


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