NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight, Barcelona 2019

NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight, Barcelona 2019

This year’s EMEA IT Spotlight in Barcelona – historical and cultural hub, and one of Europe’s leading smart cities

The NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight in Barcelona offers a more tailored, and intimate event, especially focussed across the EMEA region. It provides the opportunity not just to meet  key technology press and analysts, but spend quality time forging media relationships in a relaxed, purposeful atmosphere.

Our conference programme, however, is anything but inward-looking. Among our highly global themes we address: the ubiquity of IoT (They’re Everywhere! Managing the Incredible Explosion of IoT and IIoT Devices);  The Global Threat Landscape: How Cyberterrorism Defines Information Security; the worldwide forays into 5G: Forget the Hype, It’s Time to Explore What’s Happening Today; and The Future of Banking Technology facing the threat of challenger banks and emerging nations where mobile banking is overtaking anything done in Europe.

Are regional boundaries going the way of all boundaries? Our first keynote presentation The Cloud Journey and the Future of Networking and Security is by Joe Baguely, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EMEA from VMware – the company that has done more than any other to evaporate our once solid world of boxes and pools of data. In today’s world data centers and users are not just anywhere, they are everywhere, he claims.

Something special about NetEvents is the way individuals come together from across the region, each with their specific agenda – the people they wish to meet, contacts to explore, topics to discuss, news to share – and then find themselves participating in something altogether bigger than the sum of its many parts. Our second keynote speaker – Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer from Mellanox Technologies – will cast some light on this phenomenon in Think Outside The Computer. He tells us about the extraordinary way that higher wisdom emerges in an intelligent network, and how vital this is now for effective digital transformation.

Other topics span: AI Meets Security; Architectural and Management Trends in Next Generation Data Centers; and Containers, Perimeters and Access Controls.

As always the event provides an opportunity to participate as a speaker, mix with your peers, and enjoy scheduled briefings with press and analysts from throughout the region – all in a single, glorious location. In addition this year we have partnered with Operatix to add a VIP Executive Briefing Programme to provide senior executives from Enterprises and Governments the opportunity to discuss their technology challenges and network with their industry peers as well as engage with technologists and the analyst community – including Gartner, GlobalData, IDC, Ovum, Bloor Research in a series of round- table sessions including:

  • The CyberSecurity Threat Landscape
  • Enterprise IT Challenges & Datacentre Technologies
  • The CISO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

NetEvents is a coming together of minds, of people who matter, in our industry, our society and the world. The participating EMEA technology press and analysts at this event are the communicators who will spread our words across the globe, informing and educating millions of IT professionals, business planners and venture capitalists.   We wish all our delegates a stimulating and enjoyable event!

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