NetFoundry zero trust networking available on Google Cloud Platform

NetFoundry has made its zero trust network access solution available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) marketplace.

It said the move automates the process of spinning up and configuring cloud endpoints, allowing users to become operational in a matter of minutes. The platform is already available on the marketplaces of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

NetFoundry believes deploying a consistent zero trust networking strategy across all of the major cloud platforms is critical as enterprises start to embrace edge and multi-cloud deployments.

“Zero trust networking is made simple because all the SDN infrastructure is provided by NetFoundry – and NetFoundry partners like CSPs, MSPs and systems integrators – in a NaaS, cloud-orchestrated model,” said Galeal Zino, Founder & CEO of NetFoundry. “This means businesses get global SDN infrastructure without managing it.”

“With its Google Cloud Marketplace offering, NetFoundry is enabling businesses to instantly enjoy secure networking capabilities across Google Cloud, and across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Anthos,” said Rayn Veerubhotla, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud.

“Google Cloud and Anthos enables agility, innovation and speed,” added Zino. “Our partners can now enable businesses to untether their cloud apps from infrastructure dependencies. This means businesses now have the agile, on-demand, programmable NaaS model to match their IaaS model.”

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