Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA

NVIDIA and VMware join up to boost enterprise AI adoption

Picture: Jensen Huang, Founder, President & CEO, NVIDIA

NVIDIA and VMware are partnering to deliver an end-to-end platform aimed at accelerating AI adoption, enabling enterprises manage all AI applications with a single set of operations. The move will help enterprises deploy AI-ready infrastructure, whether in the data centre, in the cloud or at the network edge.


In a separate move, the two companies are linking to power data centre processing in new ways based on NVIDIA’s SmartNIC technology, including its programmable BlueField-2 DPU. The resulting infrastructure will be purpose-built for the demands of AI, machine learning, high-throughput and data-centric apps.


“We are partnering with NVIDIA to bring AI to every enterprise, offering a true democratization of one of the most powerful technologies,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware. “We’re also collaborating to define a new architecture for the hybrid cloud—one purpose built to support the needs and demands of the next generation of applications. Together, we’re positioned to help every enterprise accelerate their use of breakthrough applications to drive their business.”


“AI and machine learning have quickly expanded from research labs to data centres in companies across virtually every industry and geography,” added Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA (pictured). “NVIDIA and VMware will help customers transform every enterprise data centre into an accelerated AI supercomputer. NVIDIA DPUs will give companies the ability to build secure, programmable, software-defined data centres that can accelerate all enterprise applications at exceptional value.”

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