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International Media Round-Table

Advancing Network Automation & Analysis Through AI & ML

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17 November, 2020

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Paris: 5pm  |  London: 4pm  |  New York: 11am  |  San Fran: 8am




Everything is changing in the network. Communications service providers (CSPs) face the challenge of modernising their network infrastructure to stay relevant in the face of rapidly evolving customer requirements. To achieve this, it is critical that they embrace network automation. Today’s complex, heterogenous networks need intelligent multidomain automation to match, embracing physical, virtual and cloud connectivity. If they get it right, CSPs will be well positioned to offer a superior customer experience at the same time as streamlining their internal IT processes.

The data centre sector is likewise facing the need to transform and automate. Data centres must respond to market pressures in areas such as the delivery of cloud services, artificial intelligence and edge computing, as well adapt to changes in the colocation and hosting markets. They must also find more efficient ways to handle power consumption, cooling and security.

Automation is as central to data centres looking to meet these challenges as it is for CSPs as they search for ways to improve operational agility and efficiency in the face of new types of competition.

Advanced telemetry is the key to operation success and in this evolving area, the standards-based visibility protocols are being enhanced to collect data plane anomalies and dropped packets from virtual and physical switches.

Scott Raynovich, Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom is chairing an event that will look at these challenges in depth. He will head up a prestigious panel of experts in what promises to be a stimulating and timely debate. Scott will also share new research ahead of the release of a full report on these topics. This session is an unmissable opportunity to keep ahead of the pack in a fast-moving area.



Analyst Chair: Scott Raynovich, Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom





Ron Nevo, CTO, cPacket





Peter Phaal, President, InMon Corp





Greg Mayo, Chief Architect in the CTO Office, NetScout





David Iles, NVIDIA: Head of Ethernet Switch Technology






Umesh Mahajan, SVP and GM, VMware

Broadcast Materials

Advancing Network Automation & Analysis through AI & ML – Draft Transcript

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