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CIO Round-Table Discussion On The Future of Enterprise TechnologyMarket Focus: Media & Entertainment

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22 September, 2020

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Public Broadcast Available 12th October 2020




21st Century technology was already driving profound evolutionary changes in the Media & Entertainment sector – then along came coronavirus.

On the one hand, a disaster. Such reliance on crowd participation for sports, live concerts and events and so much teamwork required for creative content – none of this compatible with social distancing.

On the other hand, digital transformation already had traction in M&E, and the crisis is driving massive acceleration. Well established business models have been adapting to the new reality. Business continues – if not “as usual”.

It is essential for enterprise CIOs to share these successes, learn from each other’s experience and start defining roadmaps to a new, better normal. We’re working with a leading tech industry analyst group to invite selected CIOs from the media and entertainment sectors to a virtual round table discussion on the subjects of media continuity, collaboration and the role of digital technology for the enterprise.

What are the innovations enabling this transformation? What new solutions are being accelerated by the crisis? How are other companies using them to shape new business models, boost efficiency maintain continuity and improve collaboration?

Topics discussed will include SD-WAN, hybrid and multi-cloud adoption, unified communications, 5G, mobility and IoT solutions, network transformation, automation and radical AI applications – not to forget the overarching pressures of cybercrime and the latest sophisticated security technologies. In each case you will hear about latest developments, new solutions in the pipeline as well as benefits already being realised.

Enterprises worldwide are facing serious challenges. This 75-minute discussion will lay the groundwork for a more secure, sustainable “new normal”. Following this event Webcast and Podcast versions will be made available worldwide via the NetEvents YouTube and iTunes channels respectively.






Analyst Chair: Duncan Brown, VP of Enterprise Research Europe, IDC





KA Srinivasan, Co-founder, Amagi





Shalom Carmel, Chief Information Officer, GlobalDots





Christophe Nicolas, Senior Vice President – Group Chief Information Officer, NAGRA Kudelski





Dhaval Ponda, Global Head, Media and Entertainment Services, Tata Communications





An Dang Duy, Chief Information Officer, World Athletics


Registration for this event is subject to approval

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