EMEA Press & Service Provider Summit 2014

Quinta do Lago, Portugal

24 September, 2014

& 25 September, 2014


EMEA Press & Service Provider Summit 2014

190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646

Our EMEA Press & Analyst Summits are run by a professional team who have built a great reputation for bringing together key players in the industry in a relaxed yet focused environment. For some it is a key opportunity to make a corporate announcement or launch a product, for others it is a way to establish better media relations or dialogue with the industry’s top analysts plus the perfect complement to existing PR activities.

Meet key press and analysts to discuss the latest hot topics concerning enterprise networking & telecoms and pave the way for increasing your visibility across the EMEA region. You will benefit from:

  • A series of individually scheduled briefings with selected EMEA press and analysts over two days
  • Speaker opportunities for your senior executives in debate sessions which cover important Issues in Enterprise Networking and Telecoms
  • Privileged previews of the latest lab tests, market analysis and forecasts from Industry Analysts
  • An ideal environment to nurture effective vendor/media relations

Tuesday 23rd September

5:30 – 8:30 pmPress registration open
7.00 pmCocktail Reception and light refreshments

Wednesday 24th September

7:30 – 8:30 amRegistration desk open
7:30 – 8:30 amWelcome breakfast, informal meetings & debate briefings
8:40 – 8:50 amOpening welcome and conference introduction
8:50 – 9:10 amKeynote Presentation by Tom Homer, Head of EMEA and the Americas, Telstra Global
‘2020 Vision for Cloud Services to the Enterprise’
Cloud is complex and powerful, and the CIOs relationship with it is often stormy. But as more organisations master the art of shaping cloud services to suit their individual business needs, it’s true potential is being unlocked. In this session, Tom Homer will share Telstra’s vision for cloud-based services in the enterprise, together with some of its own internal experiences with cloud computing.
9:10 – 9:30 amKeynote Interview & Audience Q&A with Tom Homer and Manek Dubash, Editorial Director, NetEvents
9:30 – 10:10 amConference Debate Session I — Transforming the Telco network Introduced and Chaired by: Emir Halilovic, Program Director, Networking and Infrastructure EMEA, IDCSDN, Carrier Ethernet, CloudE 1.0, NFV… there’s no shortage of remedies out there promising to blast telecommunications into the 21st century. Full uptake of these new technologies has the potential to transform Telco reality with new freedoms, new flexibility, and new business models – but a legacy of massive capital investment makes it a scary transition and one that demands enormous commitment.What can be done to keep that vision in sight, while making the migration path less painful? How soon can pioneers expect ROI in compensation for being the ones who make the mistakes while others watch and learn? We are asking for the big picture here: embracing technological innovation, open standards and new business models to ease the pain and accelerate the rewards.Panellists: Chris Purdy, Chief Technical Officer, CENX; Nicolas Fischbach, Director of Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, Colt; Jörg Ruhmann, Senior Technical Director, EMEA, Infinera; Nigel Oakley, Director of the Cloud Center of Excellence (EMEA), Juniper Networks; Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, MEF; Ruth Gamero, Technology & Innovation Strategy, Global CTO Unit, Telefónica; Tom Homer, Head of EMEA and the Americas, Telstra Global
10:10 – 10:50 amConference Debate Session II – Is SDN ready for the Enterprise?Introduced and Chaired by: Camille Mendler, Principal Analyst, OvumOK, we’ve heard all the arguments for SDN’s agility and cost benefits, but does it yet make sense for an enterprise to join the early adopters? If the vendors have not yet agreed on the meaning of SDN, shouldn’t we wait until some sort of industry consensus or open standards are developed? Or are the benefits so great that first comers will win all the prizes even if their chosen solution turns out not to be the winning one? We have vendors on the panel that will surely argue the latter, and we have Camille Mendler in the sceptic’s corner. Let’s hear the truth.Panellists: John Bukowsky, Sr Director, Cloud Networking, Citrix; Arpit Joshipura, Vice President, Dell Networking; Perry Eekhout, Regional Manager Central Europe, Emulex; Perry Romano, Director of Business Development, Service Providers, Gigamon; James Thornborrow, Director of EMEA, Glue Networks; Jacob Rapp, Global Leader of Marketing, HP
10:50 – 11:10 amCoffee Break
11:10 –11:35Clash of the Titans – Dell and HP go Head to HeadWho’s leading the SDN revolution to the enterprise? And where’s it heading?With massive and successful deployments being rolled out by Google and others, there is little doubt about SDN as a workable and effective technology. So the next question for the enterprise must be: “Who is the best organisation to advance and implement SDN solutions within the enterprise?”Two giants currently dominate the field, and we have a senior representative from each on stage – with only Manek Dubash to keep them in order. Who can provide the best solution and make the best offer? And what immediate and long-term benefits can they promise?Manek allows each – Arpit Joshipura, Vice President, Dell Networking, and Jacob Rapp, HP’s Global Leader of Marketing – a two minute elevator pitch on their SDN proposition to the Enterprise.Following a ten minute grilling from Manek, they are each granted a two minute opportunity to tend their wounds and set the record straight and ask each other questions, before we unleash the audience on them for a further five minutes of Q&A from the floor.
11:35 –12:15Conference Debate Session III — Boosting Telco Cloud EconomicsIntroduced and Chaired by: Pim Bilderbeek, Analyst, The METIS Files For Amazon, service deployment takes a few seconds, for telcos it’s half a year. While telcos are forced to manage thousands of configurations, Google gets by with about ten shared hardware system bundles.While OTT providers have the more agile and CapEx-light business model, telcos still have the edge in terms of owning infrastructure and an established customer base. How can they reap this benefit? Can we shape the Cloud as an open environment offering limitless opportunities for all? How far can dynamic network service automation level the playing field? Pim Bilderbeek challenges his panel to bring sunshine to telco hearts.Pim Bilderbeek challenges his panel to bring sunshine to telco hearts.Panellists: Frank Wiener, VP Strategy, Cyan; Mike Capuano, VP Corporate Marketing, Infinera; Lee Myall, General Manager Cloud Computing, Interoute; Hugo Tavares, Chief Technical Officer, Lunacloud; Andrew McFazden, Head of Global Marketing – Network Services, Orange Business Services; Chairman, MEF
12:15 – 1:15 pmLunch

Briefings with press & analysts

1:20 – 3:20 pmA series of 30 minute individually scheduled briefings throughout the afternoon:Track 1: EMEA Press & Analyst briefing sessions (30 minute briefings)
Track 2: EMEA SP/Cloud Services briefing sessions (30 minute briefings)
3:20 – 3:30 pmCoffee Break
3:30 –4:50 pmIndividually scheduled briefings continued
5:00 –5:45 pmSpecial Exclusive Global Industry AnnouncementEthernet inventor Bob Metcalfe and MEF President Nan Chen unveil their new 5+ year vision which they predict will transform the future of network services…an opportunity for you to put your questions to them.
7:10 pmCocktail Reception
7:30 pmNetEvents Dinner

Thursday 25th September

7:30 – 8:30 amBreakfast—informal meetings and conference session briefings
8:40 — 8:45 amOpening welcome and conference introduction
8:45 – 9:00 amSpecial Guest Speaker Presentation by Mike Capuano, VP Corporate Marketing, Infinera and Nicolas Fischbach, Director of Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, ColtDatacentre Interconnection and the need for speedThe widespread adoption of cloud services by consumers and businesses is accelerating the deployment of datacentres worldwide to enable a synchronized global view of cloud based information. Demand for low-latency, high-capacity connections between datacenters is just the beginning as applications increasingly demand a flexible, programmable network to enable a rich end-user experience.
9:00 – 9:10 amSpecial Guest Speaker Interview & Audience Q&A with Mike Capuano, Nicolas Fischbach and Camille Mendler, Principal Analyst, Ovum
9:10 – 9:40 amConference Debate Session IV — Getting the Cloud Infrastructure Right – It’s Neither Easy Nor IntuitiveIntroduced and Chaired by: Emir Halilovic, Research Director, Telecoms and Networking EMEA, IDCMoving to the cloud is not as easy as many vendors claim. You can’t simply copy virtual machines from the enterprise data center over to a cloud host and then reset the URLs, IP addresses and routers. Whether the business is considering a pure cloud deployment or a hybrid cloud/on-premise solution, any non-trivial cloud deployment must be built on an architecture which takes into account connectivity, security, compliance, management and administration, performance and service levels, and more. The complexity multiplies when the enterprise is seeking to integrate offerings from multiple cloud providers on a peer-to-peer basis.This debate panel will examine the essential elements of a cloud architecture, the factors that every business must get exactly right in order to have a seamless, scalable and elastic migration. You can expect each vendor to promote features that showcase their competitive strengths, while potentially dismissing more of their competitors — we look forward to a lively debate!Panellists: John Bukowsky, Sr Director, Cloud Networking, Citrix; Hamid Lalani, HP Networking – GPLM; Nigel Oakley, Director of the Cloud Center of Excellence (EMEA), Juniper Networks; Jörg Ruhmann, Senior Technical Director, EMEA, Infinera
9:40 –10:10 amConference Debate Session V — Advances in Wireless and Beyond 802.11ac…Introduced and Chaired by: Ian Keene, Vice President, GartnerThe newest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, uses the 5GHz band, and greater bandwidth, to reduce interference and boost data rates to beyond 1Gbps. The Wi-Fi Alliance has just announced certification for 802.11ac products, bringing faster, more reliable Wi-Fi for today’s business. Is that the end of 802.11n? Not so fast!Many enterprises are reluctant to embrace 802.11ac for fear of disrupting existing wireless infrastructures, let alone the time and cost of a revamp. Also protocol overheads, interference, user contention and the hardware compromises in a tiny mobile device, can seriously erode wireless delivery promises. So what is the best way forward?Our panel has been tasked to make real world recommendations on Wi-Fi and BYOD strategy – the challenges, best architectures and practices for deployment. The technology is evolving fast, so organizations must stay ahead of the game. That requires an understanding of what’s next on the Wi-Fi horizon – so we will also look way beyond 802.11ac and weigh up the potential benefits yet to come.Do you get ahead as an early adopter? Or hold back in the hope of something even better? Any new technology is an opportunity for innovative companies to create new products and services and deliver radical solutions.: what can we achieve with mobile speed?Panellists: Dominique Vanhamme, General Manager EMEA Networking, Dell Networking; Jacob
Rapp, Global Leader of Marketing, HP; Roger Hockaday, Director of Marketing for EMEA, Ruckus
10:10 – 10:30 amCoffee Break
10:30 – 11:00 amConference Debate Session VI — Network security – revenue for the telco, service for the enterpriseIntroduced and Chaired by: Bernt Ostergaard, Analyst and Service Director, QuocircaEnterprises want secure networking from their providers, yet still spend a lot of money on spam filtering, anti-virus and other protection. Making the WAN more secure might seem an expensive way to win customers, but what if you could make the data flow so clean that enterprises could slash their internal security CapEx and buy security as a service? Sounds like a win-win solution, but do we have the technology, and will human nature and economics make it viable?Panellists: Jan Guldentops, Director, BA Test Labs; Steve Broadhead, Founder & Director, Broadband Testing; Jordi Gascon, Sr Director, Security, CA Technologies
11:00–11:20 amConference Debate VII— Analyst Round-upIntroduced and Chaired by: Manek Dubash, Editorial Director, NetEvents

What will be the key take-aways from this NetEvents? Which facts stand out? Whose opinions and predictions will stand the test of time? Which technologies cannot be ignored? There’s nothing quite like hearing the experts’ view on what really matters, so we invite key analysts onstage to briefly present their unique distillation of this Summit. Finally, we challenge them to surprise us – to stick their necks out and each make a prediction for what will be hot in 2015.Panellists: Emir Halilovic, Research Director, Telecoms and Networking EMEA, IDC; Ian Keene,Vice President, Gartner; Camille Mendler, Principal Analyst, Ovum; Pim Bilderbeek, Analyst, The METIS Files
11:20– 11:25Close of conference sessions
11:30 — 12:50A series of 30 minute individually scheduled briefings throughout the afternoon: Track 1: EMEA Press & Analyst briefing sessions (30 minute briefings)
Track 2: EMEA SP/Cloud Services briefing sessions (30 minute briefings)
12:50 — 1:50 pmLunch – informal meetings
1:50 – 3:10 pmA series of 30 minute individually scheduled briefings continued
3:10 pm – 4:00 pm‘Open meeting’ time for informal networking. Press area also available for filing stories
4:00 pmClose of event & departures

Publications invites by country/region

The following publications have been invited:

  • Computerpartner Austria

  • ComputerWorld
  • NetworkWorld

Czech Republic
  • Computerworld
  • Security World

  • Alt om DATA
  • Telekommunikation
  • Tech-Test

  • Teknikka & Talous
  • Nordic Wireless Watch

  • 01 Net
  • 01 Business
  • CNIS Magazine
  • IT for Business
  • informatiquenews.fr

  • Business & IT
  • ComputerPartner
  • Computer Reseller News
  • ComputerWoche
  • Funkshau
  • Information Week
  • NET
  • LANLine

  • Corriere delle Comunicazioni
  • Informatica & Telecomunicazione
  • Linea EDP (Reti & Impresa)
  • Network News Italia
  • Network Magazine
  • NetworkWorld Italia
Middle East
  • Business & IT Update
  • CCW (Communication & Computer World)
  • Computer News
  • IT Weekly
  • Network World
  • Satellite & Communications
  • Telecom Review

  • Automatsering Gids
  • Computable
  • ComputerPartner
  • Computer Reseller News
  • LAN Magazine
  • Telecommagazine

  • Dagens Telecom
  • Nettverk & Kommuikasjon
  • Telecom Revy

  • NetWorld

  • Redes LAN

  • Computerworld
  • Network Computing & Telecoms

South Africa
  • Network Times
  • SA Computer Magazine

  • Computerworld Espana
  • Comunicaciones World
  • eWeek Espana
  • Redes & Telecom
  • Telecom KH
  • Telefonia & Comunicaciones para
  • Todos

  • Computer Sweden
  • IT.Branschen
  • TechWorld
  • Telekom Idag

  • Computerwoche

  • Capacity Magazine
  • Computer Weekly
  • Computerworld
  • Computing
  • Communicate
  • IT Pro
  • Microscope
  • Network Computing
  • Network Security
  • SC Magazine
  • The Register
  • V3
  • ZDNet

  • Network & Telecommunications

Pan European/International
  • CSI
  • Light Reading
  • TechWorld
  • Telecom TV
  • Telecommunications International
  • TMC Group
  • Total Telecom
  • Diario Ti

  • Canalys
  • Current Analysis
  • Dell’Oro Group
  • Disruptive Analysis
  • Forrester Research
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • Gartner
  • Heavy Reading
  • IDC
  • Infonetics Research
  • Ovum
  • Yankee Group

The only event in the EMEA region which will provide you with the opportunity to reach an audience of over 2 million CIO’s, MIS Managers/Directors, IT Professionals & Service Providers

Scheduled briefings over two days with key Technology Press & Analysts


“NetEvents is an excellent opportunity for Dell Networking, and its peers in the industry, to interact with top press and analysts in a structured, targeted format.”
Arpit Joshipura, Vice President of Marketing, Dell Networking

For more information on this upcoming event, please contact Mark Fox:
Telephone: +44 (0)870 760 6464 Email: mfox@netevents.org

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