EMEA Press Spotlight on ‘the Cloud’, Nice, France

Cote D’Azur, France

25 September, 2013

& 26 September, 2013


EMEA Press Spotlight on ‘the Cloud’, Nice, France

190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646
85 West Street At, Albany St, New York, NY 10006

The only event in the EMEA region which will provide you with the opportunity to reach an audience of over 2 million CIO’s, MIS Managers/Directors, IT Professionals & Service Providers. Scheduled briefings over two days with key Technology Press & Analysts.

Cloud is one of today’s hottest topics and it’s a real challenge to keep abreast of developments in this fast evolving arena. You can spend valuable time on research, you can call in expertise and yet not be sure how impartial and up to date their advice is…Or you can spend a couple of days with your peers in a comfortable, focused setting putting across your views and hearing the latest updates in the company of the industry’s top media and analysts from right across the EMEA region.

Yes, it’s the highly successful NetEvents formula – but shortened to a focused ‘spotlight’ on one key area – ‘The Cloud’. From Datacentre technologies to new Cloud services for the enterprise – taking in public, hybrid and private Cloud plus automation, orchestration, interconnect and security challenges and looking to the future, studying the impact of SDN and other new developments.

Get known, and get to know, in one brief cost-effective event featuring:

  • Speaker opportunities for your senior executives in debate sessions covering your choice of key Cloud/Datacentre issues
  • A series of individually scheduled briefings with 30+ selected EMEA press and analysts over two days
  • Privileged previews of latest lab tests, market analysis and forecasts from Industry Analysts
  • The perfect environment for nurturing truly effective vendor/media relations

Our EMEA Spotlight events are run by a professional team who have built a great reputation for bringing together key players in the industry in a relaxed yet focused environment. For some it is a key opportunity to make a corporate announcement or launch a product, for others it is a way to establish better media relations or dialogue with the industry’s top analysts plus the perfect complement to existing PR activities.

NetEvents are pleased to co-locate the CloudEthernet Forum’s first regional members meeting here in Nice with our Press Spotlight on ‘The Cloud’

Click here to download the latest agenda

Outline Agenda

Wednesday September 25th

10:00am onwardsConference registration desk open
12:00—1:00pmWelcome lunch, informal meetings & debate briefings
1:30—1:40 pmOpening welcome and conference introduction
1:40 – 2:00 pmOpening Keynote Presentation by James Walker, President, CloudEthernet ForumClouding the Issue versus Issuing the Cloud – Ethernet as both problem and solutionIn May, James Walker announced the launch of the CloudEthernet Forum to “address the specific issues of scaling and applying Ethernet technologies to meet the stringent demands of delivering cloud services”. Judging by the response, he clearly hit a vital issue – but what does it mean in practice?As James put it: “as datacenter networks become larger and more sophisticated, they are coming up against challenges…” But aren’t challenges just what you expect in any growing business? And isn’t the immediate solution to constrain your business model to fit what can be done, rather than fret about what might be possible?

To set things straight, we’ve invited James to team up with another CloudEthernet Forum member for this keynote. After a brief introduction, Phil Tilley, VP, Alcatel-Lucent will outline his story, explaining the service and spelling out the stages of development: the point where Ethernet scaling might become an issue, then where it began to impact performance, and then the business workarounds that were needed.

In response, James will take this example to illustrate current CloudEthernet Forum thinking. What is the core issue here? To what extent will it become a global issue? What would be a long-term solution? What interim measures might be advised? How would the CloudEthernet Forum address this?

As Sun Tzu write in The Art of War: “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” Following this presentation we will better understand those challenges.

2:00 – 2:15 pmKeynote Interview & Audience Q&A
2:15 – 2:45 pmConference Debate Session I – “Between the clouds” – the challenges facing datacenter interconnection Introduced and Chaired by Emir Halilovic, Program Manager, Networking and Infrastructure EMEA, IDC”Will we see clouds of 1 billion VMs in the next 10 years?” – perish the thought, along with other ghastly “impossibilities” such as a world containing as many mobile phones as people, and where Internet traffic doubles every second year.As SPs migrated to native Ethernet services, datacenter managers loved the resulting simplicity and scalability – but it has not been plain sailing all the way. With virtual machine populations already running into the millions across geographically dispersed datacenters, technical challenges are emerging around VLAN scaling, layer 2 performance and resilience across very large domains, plus consolidating storage network technologies onto Ethernet.

This looked like a new task for the MEF – famous for having enhanced and standardized Carrier Ethernet to create services suitable for geographically-dispersed enterprises and mobile operators worldwide. But instead we have a new industry body – the CloudEthernet Forum – committed to resolving these issues.

Why a new forum? What is the relationship between the CloudEthernet Forum and the MEF? What are the issues it needs to address? What are the means and timescales for finding answers? Our panel includes independent datacenter operators as well as members and representatives from the MEF and CloudEthernet Forum to address and answer these and other questions.

Panellists: James Walker, President, CloudEthernet Forum; Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, MEF; Francois Tournesac, VP of Sales, EMEA, Telco Systems; Mario Bianchetti, Senior Project Manager, Data Network Innovation, Telecom Italia

2:45—3:15 pmConference Debate Session II – Musick hath charms…” – the role of datacenter orchestration
Introduced and Chaired by Clive Longbottom, Service Director, Business Process Analysis, QuocircaThe pressures of social networking, mobility, big data and cloud services mean that the IT department’s role is shifting from infrastructure and application provisioning to becoming a business growth driver.The need is for a more flexible and adaptable datacentre: where servers can be provisioned as dynamic workloads shift and change; where systems can be configured, replicated and deployed across the enterprise.Today’s IT teams need new ways to achieve this – without the complexity of managing the datacentre from separate consoles in a highly integrated environment. Datacenter orchestration promises a simpler means to automate IT services across the board – from merely reducing routine repetitive tasks, up to creating an automated datacentre delivering harmonious, responsive cloud services.That must sound like music in their ears – but who plays it best? Let’s listen to what our panel has to say about the best way to increase business efficiency, agility and scale while managing compliance, reducing complexity, and leveraging existing datacenter investments.Panellists: Phil Tilley, VP, Alcatel-Lucent; Tony Lucas, SVP Product and Co-founder, Flexiant; Ian Keene, Vice President, Gartner; Mike Banic, VP Global Marketing, HP; Jeff Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Spirent Communications
3:15—3:45 pmConference Debate Session III -“For every cloud an iron lining” – addressing the security challengeIntroduced and Chaired by Mike Spanbauer, Managing Director, Research, NSS LabsHow does an IT department ensure compliance and protect mobile devices roaming beyond the network perimeter? At the other end of the scale: how does a parent limit their children’s exposure to unwanted Internet content and protect home PCs and tablets from malware without it becoming a full time job? As the number and scope of threats escalate, can this still be done efficiently and economically?From large to tiny, businesses of all sizes can exploit cloud services to advantage, but many hesitate to leverage the full benefits for fear of data loss and unauthorized access. Should they rely on providers’ own cloud security solutions to solve these challenges, or should they opt for the services of an independent security specialist?

Governments’ latest Cloud traffic privacy and monitoring regulations mean that these intriguing questions have become critical. Our team includes champions of both approaches, and we call on the analyst chair to provide the latest data on cyber threats and emerging trends before asking them to debate the safest, and most compliant, solutions.

Panellists: Dominique Assing, Senior Security Consultant, BT France; Derek Granath, Senior Director of Product Management, Extreme Networks; Dr Hongwen Zhang, CEO, Wedge Networks

3:45—3:50pmClose of Day 1 Conference Sessions
3:50 – 5:50 pmScheduled press & analyst meetings
5:50 – 6:30 pm‘Open meeting’ time for informal networking. Press area also available for filing stories
7:30 pmCocktail Reception and Dinner

Thursday September 26th

7:30 – 8:30 amBreakfast, informal meetings and conference session briefings
8:30—8:35 amOpening welcome and conference introduction
8:35—8:45 amGuest Speaker presentation by Khurram Ijaz, Head of Cloud Products – International, Rackspace

  • How to build a scalable, cost-effective and a secure high- performance hybrid cloud?
  • Current industry trends and initiatives (OpenStack)
  • What you should consider before using adopting Cloud
  • Why Hybrid cloud is the right fit for enterprise?
  • How to use cloud and become agile, faster, resilient and cost effective
8:45—8:55 amGuest speaker Interview with Khurram Ijaz & Manek Dubash, NetEvents
8:55 – 9:25 amConference Debate Session IV—Public/private/hybrid Cloud – choosing horses for courses
Introduced and chaired by Peter Hall, Principal Analyst, OvumPeter Hall from Ovum suggests that most enterprises will have adopted cloud computing in some form by the end of 2013. “In some form” is the topic this session will address – be it public, private or some hybrid form of cloud.Consuming IT services through the public cloud offers economies of scale and frees up resources, while a private cloud trades greater CapEx and specialist skills against the benefits of direct control. Some public cloud companies now offer private versions of their public clouds, while some that only offered private cloud technologies now offer public versions with the same capabilities.In practice the majority of CIOs are not only going for the hybrid mix but also looking for a flexible approach, where workloads can potentially move between public and private as requirements change. Managing this complex mix could be a headache, but it does allow freedom to switch cloud providers as the market evolves, and to learn from experience.Our panel has the expertise and experience to point the way and accelerate that learning – as IT decisions and the role of the CIO grow increasingly strategic.Panellists: James Walker, President, CloudEthernet Forum; Mario Bianchetti, MEF; Khurram Ijaz, Head of Cloud Products – International, Rackspace
9:25 – 9:55 amConference Debate Session V – Emerging Cloud-based business modelsIntroduced and Chaired by Pim Bilderbeek, Analyst, The METIS FilesCan enterprises resist the Cloud’s “seductive vision” of pay-as-you-go resources on demand with instant provisioning? The METIS Files Pim Bilderbeek thinks not. They are already embracing SaaS, and are planning to spend even more on cloud-based services during the next two years – up to a third of their budgets in some cases – citing easier capacity management and CapEx savings as key incentives. What NEW Cloud-based apps and services are proving to be most popular and essential to Enterprises?Who is best placed to exploit this hunger? Telecom operators already own an infrastructure of high- speed networks, data centers, holistic service management and existing billing and settlement systems – but are they offering the SLAs that business demands? Camille’s recent study of 40 leading cloud service providers suggests that there are serious gaps that could be filled by trusted suppliers that are prepared to address this need.

Easier said than done? Or are the big boys just too slow on their feet? Pim puts his challenge to our panel – ranging from telcos, through cloud providers to OTT service providers. Which organisations are best placed to adapt and benefit most by fully embracing the trend towards Cloud-based business models?

Panellists: Marc Latouche, Cisco’s Consulting Services, Cisco Systems; Nick Watson, VP, Sales, Networking, EMEA, HP; Simon Abrahams, Head of Market Strategies & Insights, Rackspace

9:55—10:25 amConference Debate Session VI – SDN – now let’s talk benefitsIntroduced and Chaired by Ian Keene, VP, GartnerSome tried to dismiss it as an academic exercise – but SDN is going mainstream, with a host of Open-Flow enabled products on the shelves and major deployments already delivering quantifiable results. And yet its potential is so radical, that it retains that aura of mystery – so we invite Ian Keene to launch this session by outlining the latest and forthcoming developments in the simplest terms as fuel for discussion.The focus is on benefits. For telcos and service providers, SDN’s programmability, virtualization, and intelligent flow management lets them offer more value at lower cost per bit. For the enterprise and for datacenter environments, SDN helps achieve more with less, even as the size and complexity of their networks in-crease. Now IT can modify the network in minutes, rather than hours or days, to keep pace with user requirements and be more responsive to business needs.

Our panel represents all these interests, and has positive stories to tell about the rewards they got from early adoption. Ian Keene will conclude by asking them share the other half of the story: the lessons learned and the advice they offer to help the rest of us plan effective migration strategies towards SDN.

Panellists: Marc Latouche, Cisco’s Consulting Services, Cisco Systems; Derek Granath, Senior Director of Product Management, Extreme Networks; Mike Banic, VP Global Marketing, HP; Brian Levy, ONF

10:25– 10:35 amConference round-up and close of conference sessions
10:35 –10:55 amCoffee break
11:00 – 1:00pmScheduled press & analyst meetings
1:00—2:00 pmLunch
2:10 – 3:30 pmScheduled press & analyst meetings
3:30 – 4:00 pm‘Open meeting’ time for informal networking. Press area also available for filing stories
4:00 pmClose of event and departures

Client Endorsements



“NetEvents has a proven formula for successfully bringing together the top networking press from around the world with leading vendors in a single location… it’s highly cost-effective and makes efficient use of our executive spokespeople’s time.”
Martin O’Brien—Press & Analyst Relations Manager Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), HP Networking


PaloAlto Networks


“NetEvents put on a fantastic event. We were really impressed by the quality of the press, analysts and fellow vendors.”
Nir Zuk, Founder and CTO, Palo Alto Networks




“NetEvents is unique in that it allows you to maximise time with a number of top analysts and journalists in an informal environment.”
Phil Tilley—VP Marketing EMEA, Alcatel-Lucent IP Division


“NetEvents is key to our international PR program. It goes beyond just packing what normally requires several weeks into just a few short days – it also provides an environment that fosters meaningful and long lasting relationships with the editors and analysts.”
Neil Anderson — Vice President, Spirent Global Services


“The big value from NetEvents is the ability to meet with press and analysts one to one exchange ideas.”
Tim Dunn — VP Intel Comms Group, General Manager Platform Networking Group, Intel


“NetEvents is the most cost effective and efficient IT focused forum for international press and analyst relations that I have ever experienced – I’d recommend these events to anyone wishing to build highly effective relationships with press and analysts across the globe.”
Nan Chen—President, MEF; President & CEO, CENX
“It’s been a fantastic event. I think the enthusiasm and the participation of the audience and getting everybody together in a room to debate important issues is exactly what the industry needs.” Steve Kelly—Vice President, BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM), Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa


“These events represent a very good opportunity for the French press to meet high level corporate and technical executives from many vendor companies. It’s great also, to be able to compare our vision of this world with other analysts and press. It’s a good way to establish better relations with many people in the industry.”
Frédéric Simottel — Editor-in-Chief, 01 Informatique, 01netpro.com (France)


funkschau_logo sq


“Excellent – the best event I have ever been to for bringing together the industry and European press.”
Ralf Ladner — Editor-in-Chief, Funkschau (Germany)




“Strong subject focus, good background informative sessions, plenty of opportunities for interaction with the attending companies… it all boils down to time very well spent for solid technical and commercial insights.”
Guy Kindermans — Senior Editor, Data News (Belgium)




“NetEvents presents a great opportunity for me to meet so many vendors for one-2-one meetings under a single roof and examine their propositions closely.”
Ian Hunter — Editorial Director, Comms Business Magazine (UK)


Telecom Review


“Media have the opportunity to meet industry leaders, discuss their latest innovation and back with the best topics! Vendors & services providers can benefit from this unique opportunity to meettogether clients and suppliers and to high- light all to the professional industry media.” Toni Eid—Editor in Chief, Telecom Review


“I was very impressed with the sessions, the diversity of the journalists and the vendor representations. Good organisation and planning.”
Ian Keene — Vice President, Gartner Group


Current Analysis
“I’ve found NetEvents to be a different approach to information sharing that is very refreshing. There is always a diverse set of technology suppliers, editors and analysts in attendance, which makes for an interesting and useful range of con- versations. And the format–mixing formal content with informal meeting opportunities–is very conducive for exchanging ideas.”
Jeremiah Caron—Vice President – Analysis, Current Analysis




“Always on my calendar due to the high-level networking and intellectually stimulating meetings offered. The well-chosen locations also foster an informal atmosphere that I find refreshing.” Camille Mendler—Principal Analyst, Informa




“…a great chance to make a whole lot of useful contacts, without the heavy industry approach.” Tam Dell’Oro— Founder and President, Dell’Oro Group.

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