EMEA IT Spotlight

Date: May 21 & 22, 2020

Brief press and analysts throughout the EMEA region…

This EMEA IT Spotlight is a more tailored, intimate and focussed event enabling our partners to spend more quality time with the participating media. The event provides an opportunity to participate as a speaker in the morning conference debate sessions PLUS a series of scheduled briefings with press and analysts from throughout the region in a single location. NetEvents is inviting senior representatives from the technology media throughout the EMEA region.

This adds up to a golden opportunity to make an impression and get your key messages ahead of the competition.

As well as spending ample quality time with the media in a relaxed setting, the roundtable sessions on hot networking & cybersecurity topics provide a high profile opportunity to be heard and seen by this influential audience. In addition, every individual company will enjoy a series of scheduled 40-minute roundtable briefings with the EMEA technology press.

The EMEA IT Spotlight provides a Media Track for vendors to participate in a series of briefings over two days where we facilitate meetings for industry execs with a mix of press and analysts– tailored to suit your organisation. We schedule a series of eight 30-40 minute briefings for each vendor, with approx 3 – 5 press in each group during the Spotlight. Vendors which book for this event by February 28th 2020 are invited to nominate additional press and analysts they would particularly like to see invited to this Spotlight.

The following publications are currently nominated:

  • Platinum Sponsorship Package – To attend entire event, Corporate Sponsorship (including Panel Speaker Slot), filmed onsite interview opportunity for a C-Level executive plus scheduled press/analyst briefings and/or one-on-one briefings with a tailored “mix” of selected press and analysts plus senior execs from potential industry partners. The Platinum sponsorship includes an option for a dedicated half day exclusive customized event with 30+ participating media covering more than 12+ countries in the EMEA region located at the NetEvents EMEA Spotlight venue.
  • Gold Sponsorship Package – To attend entire event, corporate sponsorship (including panel speaker slot), a series of scheduled briefings with selected press and analysts.
  • Silver Sponsorship Package – To attend entire event, a series of scheduled briefings with selected press and analysts and Panel Speaker Slot.
  • Bronze Sponsorship Package – To attend the entire event, a series of scheduled briefings with selected press and analysts.

Option 1: Speaker opportunity

To secure a round table panel speaker slot on Day one or Day two – see Agenda. Please note: One panel speaker slot is already included in the Gold and Silver sponsorship packages

Option 2: Cocktail reception sponsorship

This sponsorship package includes a 5 minute speaking slot during the 1 hour cocktail reception, prior to the dinner on Day One plus optional branding opportunities for your company with posters and/or banners.

Option 3: Lunch sponsorship during the main conference event at the hotel

This sponsorship package includes your company logo on menus, a 5 minute speaking slot during lunch together with a panel speaker slot on one conference debate session.

Option 4: Press & Analyst Summit USB 4Gb memory sticks – co-branded with your company logo and NetEvents logo

All press and analysts attending the NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight receive the event “Press Kit” on a USB memory stick which includes analyst data, presentations, conference transcripts and photos etc – we could also include a folder on your company containing latest press kit, product info, PowerPoint presentation, video tutorials and promo clips etc. (up to max 2Gb of your company’s content). Your company would also be eligible to provide a press pack for the on-site press office.

Option 5: Conference bags sponsorship

Conference bags for all conference delegates. This sponsorship includes your company logo on the conference bags plus the inclusion of one branded item from your company to be inserted into the bags.

Option 6: Lanyards sponsorship

Sponsorship of name badge lanyards for all conference delegates. This sponsorship includes your company logo on the lanyards.

VIP Executive Briefing Programme

In conjunction with our NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight we are delighted to offer our media spotlight sponsors an exclusive opportunity to send a separate delegation to participate in our VIP Executive Briefing Programme. Benefit from exclusive networking with C-Level and senior executives from enterprises and business. Sponsors have the opportunity to participate as a speaker on two of the CxO round tables plus optional weekend hospitality events.

Please note: Participation on the VIP Executive Briefing Programme is only available to sponsors of the NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight as the Media & Executive Briefing Programmes are run in parallel each afternoon.

Sponsors need to book for a separate executive to participate in the VIP Executive Briefing Programme.

Early Bird Promotion

If you book and pay in FULL by 28th February 2020 you will be entitled to our 2 for the price of 1 offer.

Tailored Packages

IF budgets are particularly tight let us know your key objectives, target countries plus how much you have available to spend and we will propose a tailored package, within your budget, to meet your needs.

Multi-Event Discount

If you book full attendance at both our NetEvents EMEA IT Spotlight (May 2020) & Global Press & Analyst Summit (October 2020) by 28th February 2020 you will be entitled to a multi-event discount off the Global Press & Analyst Summit (October 2020).

Terms & Conditions
Final booking deadline: 12th March 2020. Full & final payments required by 12th March 2020.

If your booking is cancelled before 12th March 2019 a full refund will be given. Any cancellations made after this date will be subject to payment of the full invoiced amount. Bookings must be secured with 20% deposit.

Call for Papers – Submission Deadline: February 7th, 2020

You are invited to submit presentation ideas for consideration at the NetEvents EMEA Media Spotlight 2020

This is your opportunity to propose agenda topics for our 2020 NetEvents EMEA Media Spotlight which will be held on the 21 & 22 May in the Algarve, Portugal. NetEvents is hosting a stimulating conference programme focused on innovations in Cloud, IoT, AI and CyberSecurity, providing your organization with the opportunity to participate in plenary conference sessions PLUS, most importantly, a series of scheduled 30 min. briefings with leading press and analysts from throughout the EMEA region.

We are flying in a delegation of 30+ press and analysts covering 12+ countries throughout Europe providing your organization with the opportunity to reach an audience of over 3 million IT professionals including Enterprise CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, MIS / IT Directors PLUS Cloud Operators, Telcos, SPs, etc. Our Spotlights provide a highly efficient, cost-effective and proven formula for tech industry CEOs and senior execs, to brief top EMEA media in a single location, in just 48 hours

We are delighted to invite you to be a part of the event from the onset and propose new topics for our upcoming event covering important industry trends predicted for 2020.

This is your exclusive opportunity to suggest topics for the NetEvents EMEA Media Spotlight. Please submit your application, topics currently being considered include the following areas:

  • Advances in Cloud & Next Generation Datacentre Technologies
  • Cybersecurity – The Global Threat Landscape
  • IoT & Blockchain
  • AI & Network Automation
  • 5G & Mobile Applications

Submission Process

Applications due February 7th, 2020

If your organisation would like to propose a conference panel topic and/or presentation submission for our NetEvents EMEA Media Spotlight please see below for more information on the proposal process:

Basics for Debate Panel Submissions & Speaking Opportunities

Planning begins well in advance of each conference. Please do not include proprietary or confidential material in your proposals. All submissions will be reviewed by NetEvents Editorial Advisory Board.

Unfortunately, we are unable to contact everyone who submits a proposal to provide their submission status.

Please be assured that you will be contacted if your submission is chosen.

The Proposal Process Before you submit a proposal…

Review recommended speakers/ panellists to ensure there is a good mix of views/opinions, companies, experience and technology represented. The Debate Panel proposal needs to be approx 200-250 words in length.

Suggestions for participating panellists (4 panelists in total) and a chairperson are also welcomed as part of the proposal.

For your information, the Debate Panel Sessions at our events are scheduled for approx 30 to 40 minutes (5 minute introduction by Chairperson, 20 to 30 minute panel debate discussion, 5 minute audience Q&A session).

If your proposal is accepted…

You agree to meet all of the deadlines determined by NetEvents including agreeing to participate in the conference pre-briefing sessions – our audience expects topical and interesting debates and presentations. Naturally, they deserve to hear from speakers who have put time and effort in to properly preparing for their session.

If this is of interest please click on the link below and we will send across a submission form for your completion. As a guide for completing your submission, we suggest you check out examples of past event conference debate sessions on the NetEvents website. Also, remember to include bio and area(s) of expertise of your proposed speaker. We will contact you if you are selected.

Entry deadline for submissions: February 7th, 2020. To submit your 2020 topic suggestions please contact:

Helen Whitworth for a submission form

For more information on this upcoming event, please contact Mark Fox:
Tel: +44 (0)870 760 6464
UK Cell: +44 (0)7836 24 8110
US Cell: +1 408 504 8665
Email: mfox@netevents.org

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