Private 5G use cases to rocket, predicts leading analyst

Independent analyst firm IDC has predicted that worldwide revenue from sales of private LTE and 5G infrastructure will grow from $945 million last year to an estimated $5.7 billion in 2024. This amounts to a CAGR of 43.4%, and includes aggregated spending on RAN, core and transport infrastructure.


“Private LTE infrastructure is already used by select verticals worldwide to solve mission-critical networking challenges,” said Patrick Filkins, senior research analyst, IoT and Mobile Network Infrastructure with IDC. “However, the barrier to consumption has remained high, limiting adoption to organizations possessing in-house competency and access to dedicated spectrum. With more spectrum being made available for enterprise uses, coinciding with the arrival of commercial 5G, interest has grown toward using private LTE/5G solutions as a basis for connectivity across a multitude of mission-critical, industrial and traditional enterprise organizations.”


Many organizations, he said, are deploying private LTE today, with a select few beginning to deploy private 5G in limited instances. He divides usage into three segments:


Mission-critical: Verticals that require ‘always on’ connectivity addressable through redundancy and dedicated resource, as well as the clear need or desire for mobile site connectivity. Loss of connectivity would likely result in significant negative business or operational outcomes.


Industrial: Verticals whose primary focus is process and industrial automation for Industry 4.0. It also generally involves providing high-capacity and ultra-reliable low-latency communication (5G URLLC) either with time-sensitive networking (TSN), or as an alternative.


Traditional enterprise: These are verticals that require deterministic wireless networking beyond traditional Wi-Fi, but where redundancy and automation needs are lower. These include business critical applications, where loss of connectivity could result in loss of revenue.


This link to a recently held event, including transcript, will be useful to anybody interested in 5G.


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