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Retail banking stuck in legacy era, says report

Three quarters of bank employees are still relying on legacy software to complete administrative and operational tasks in their branches, new findings have revealed.


Zebra Technologies said its annual International Branch Banking Employee Survey also showed that only 48% of bank branches have fully integrated customer appointment solutions.


Bank branch managers are consequently wasting nearly 25% of their time each week on schedule management, and seven-in-10 surveyed managers are creating their own systems to track schedules instead of leveraging proven banking technology solutions that can increase efficiency and save time. In addition, the average bank employee is using four different systems on a regular basis to complete their tasks.


“With the banking industry under increasing pressure, it is essential for bank managers to use intelligent software to digitize key processes including task management and employee scheduling,” said Suresh Menon, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Software and Solutions, Zebra Technologies. “Modernizing bank operations will help banks ensure the right people are at the right place guided to the right activities at the right time to reduce cost, improve the customer experience and retain talented employees.”


Additional survey findings reveal that 86% of bank branch employees want greater input into their schedules via a mobile device but only 36% have the tools required to view their schedules and request time off. Meanwhile, eighty-five percent of bank branch employees said their job satisfaction would increase if they could spend more time on customer and revenue-related tasks instead of administrative and operational tasks.


Zebra claimed that its banking solutions, such as workforce management software, can give employees control over complex aspects of their schedule including shift swaps and time-off requests as well as enable them to integrate customer appointments into branch forecasts to help boost customer loyalty.


Visitors at CBA Live this week were shown Zebra’s full suite of banking solutions and how technology can increase staff efficiency to improve customer loyalty and employee retention.

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