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SASE speed record smashed as market sees strong growth

The record for SASE throughput has been broken this week, as research is published that shows how the SASE, SD-WAN and SSE markets are evolving.


SASE platform provider Cato Networks said it has just achieved 5Gbps on a single encrypted tunnel with all security inspections enabled. The vendor said it is offering multi-cloud and hybrid cloud networking and security with cloud cross-connect, delivering a high-speed direct connection to nearly any cloud provider worldwide.


“Cato has set the mark for SASE at scale,” says Gur Shatz, Co-Founder, President, and COO of Cato Networks. “Pushing the boundary of SASE throughput worldwide is more than an engineering achievement. It demonstrates how quickly a platform with a cloud-native architecture can make new technology globally available.”


Meanwhile a new report from Dell’Oro Group showed that the portion of the SASE market where vendors offer both SD-WAN and SSE solutions grew by 55% year-over-year in 1Q 2023. Single-vendor SASE has overtaken the multi-vendor SASE portion of the market, consisting of vendors that can only offer the SD-WAN or SSE component. The overall SASE market revenue rose by over 30 percent for the fifth consecutive quarter in 1Q 2023 and, by doing so, was not far off the $2 B mark.


“Even as enterprises have been more judicious in how they spend security budget, the robust growth of the SASE market is a testament to the strong commitment by enterprises and the value they bring to secure users’ access to cloud-based applications from anywhere,” said Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director at Dell’Oro Group. “The vendors that can offer both the SD-WAN and SSE components are setting themselves apart in an extremely competitive market.”


Sanchez added that for the first time since Dell’Oro started tracking SASE in 1Q 2019, there has been a revenue position change in the number one spot, with Zscaler overtaking Cisco. Palo Alto Networks overtook Broadcom (Symantec) for the number three overall SASE revenue position. Check Point, HPE/Aruba, and Netskope became single-vendor SASE players.


Additionally, SSE and SD-WAN revenue grew above 30%, while SASE solutions–defined as SASE solutions where SD-WAN and SSE have been tightly integrated into a single technology stack–eclipsed $200 million for the third consecutive quarter, representing over 140% growth. Overall SASE revenue growth on a regional basis varied from 27 percent in North America to 49 percent in the Caribbean and Latin America.


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