SmartNICs take centre stage at San Jose event

This week’s SmartNICs Summit in San Jose has illustrated the vital role of intelligent network adapters that can offload processors and eliminate system bottlenecks.


Keynote companies attending included Fungible, Linux Foundation, Pensando Systems, Juniper Networks, Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA. The conference featured tutorials on SmartNICs and the P4 programming language and panels on architectures, breakthroughs, standards, optimization, software development, and near-term trends. Breakout presentations covered applications, academic research, edge computing, and DPUs.


“Attendees and exhibitors alike found the show to be useful and enlightening,” reported Chuck Sobey, Summit Conference Chairperson. “As one attendee, a Silicon Valley executive, put it, ‘I did a year’s worth of business development in 2 days at SmartNICs Summit’. The event educated designers, presented the state-of-the-art, identified current trends, and described standards and open-source projects. We are happy that we could support building face-to-face connections in this important new industry.”


The following live event, also in San Jose, will feature a wide range of exciting topics, from SmartNICs to cloud to cybersecurity.


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