Snowflake partnerships target data security

Data cloud player Snowflake and cloud data protection provider Baffle have combined to provide data pipeline security. Their joint offering is aimed at securing data migrations from on-premise legacy data stores to Snowflake for analysis.


A recent report from Snowflake and the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that 64% of businesses struggle to integrate data from varied sources and 42% fear the risk of leaked confidential information as a result of sharing data with or sourcing data from external sources (42%). Other challenges, said the report, include the risk of data being used for purposes other than intended (41%).


Snowflake has also recently partnered with cybersecurity firm Exabeam in a move to help enterprises apply intelligence and automation capabilities to data stored in Snowflake data lakes. The partnership revolves around the integration of Exabeam’s security analysis and automation tools with the data stored within Snowflake. This will help organizations identify risks to their data and respond swiftly to incidents across their entire business ecosystem, said the two companies.


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