Time for networking to head left, argues analyst

Pictured: Scott Raynovich, founder of Futuriom


Organisations should be changing their approach to networking infrastructure, pushing business goals, testing, and quality control further back in the development process. This is the gist of a new report from analyst firm Futuriom which has been following the shift left trend in both the cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity markets.


Shift left originates in the DevOps world, describing the need to create more dynamic, automated systems. The cycle of software development has been moving from left to right – from design to production.


“As everything shifts left, infrastructure managers and developers need to develop applications and infrastructure together,” argues Scott Raynovich, founder of Futuriom. “For networking infrastructure, the idea is to identify issues or optimizations as early as possible. For example, you might want more people testing the code or the features earlier in the development process to identify defects or needs. What’s interesting is that the concept of shift left is spreading – it’s now a term being used in cybersecurity implementations as well.”


The holy grail of the shift left in networking, he said, is to build networking functionality directly into an application, making networking part of the software development process itself. Imagine every application being built with defined networking characteristics that can automatically identify and configure network connections once it goes live.


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