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international Media Round-Table

Demystifying Cloud-Native Networking

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21 July, 2021

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8am San Fran | 11am New York | 4pm London | 5pm Paris




Providers of connectivity services are moving towards cloud-native networking to help resolve customer demands and future-proof their businesses. Enterprises value it as a way to achieve greater openness and agility. But many people are still at the stage of trying to understand what cloud-native networking is and what its implications are.

The term ‘cloud-native’ has been borrowed from the cutting edge of the IT sector and is all about building and running network functions so as to take advantage of the cloud computing delivery model. This generally involves software containers, allowing networks to be deployed more quickly. This useful, for example, in facilitating response to growth in mobile data traffic.

The session will be introduced and chaired by Brad Casemore, VP Research, Datacenter and Multicloud Networking with IDC.  Casemore will share new research findings and then lead a debate with industry experts exploring the importance of cloud-native networking followed by a live media Q&A.

The event will be crucial for anybody looking for insights and perspectives on how networking is evolving to provide optimal support for cloud-native environments. It will talk about how enterprises can implement networking and connectivity for a Kubernetes cluster, for multi-cluster environments, and for clusters distributed across clouds. It will consider open-source projects in this space as well as the role of application developers and DevOps. Is a new networking and connectivity stack emerging for cloud-native environments? Tune in to find out more.



Analyst Chair: Brad Casemore, VP Research, Datacenter and Multicloud Networking, IDC

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