Client Endorsements

“The events are very professionally run, with excellent media and analyst interaction and top speakers across hot topics in the IT market. NetEvents gives us a concentrated forum to reach many influencers in a short time with the Anaplan story.”

Grant Halloran – CMO & Executive Leader, Anaplan

“The technology industry is going through monumental changes that are having significant impact on the way IT uses technology to serve their business, and the products and services being brought to market from the technology vendor community.  NetEvents provides a unique forum for exploring important ideas in technology with thought leaders from around the world, while raising awareness and understanding of important issues across the global technology audience.”

Martin Casado – General Partner – Andreessen Horowitz,

(Formerly Founder and CTO Nicira, General Manager, Networking and Security, SVP and Fellow, VMware Inc)

“NetEvents offers a unique opportunity to meet an impressive number of international press, from an impressive number of countries in record time. There is no other platform like this in the industry”

Mansour Karam  VP Products, Juniper Networks and formerly Co-Founder & President, Apstra

“This has been our first NetEvents experience and as a mid-sized company building upon and capitalizing on the success we have had in the Asia Pacific theatre so far, it’s really created a perfect opportunity for us to scale our business. We were able to brief 70 to 80 top tier publications and analysts groups in two days without having to do a road show or innumerable conference calls….this has been an incredibly successful experience for us.”

Douglas Gourlay – Vice President, General Manager cloud networking Arista Networks

“NetEvents has delivered amazing experiences for Cylance. They have provided us great opportunities for conversations with press/analysts and potential customers around the world.”

Stuart McClure, Founder & CEO, Cylance

“A great event needs two things: great content and a great audience. NetEvents can guarantee both. Not only do NetEvents draw an impressive group of global press and analysts, but they also provide a unique forum for exciting discussions among the industry’s key players. We were incredibly happy with the results, and the NetEvents team provided excellent support before, during and after the event.”

John Apostolopoulos, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Intent-Based Networking Group & Innovation Labs, Cisco

“NetEvents has a proven formula for successfully bringing together the top networking press from around the world with leading vendors in a single location… It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to connect.”

Tom Burns, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Integrated Products & Solutions, Dell Technologies

“NetEvents is a great forum for hot start-ups through to large corporations enabling them to raise their profile with the international press and analyst community. I was honoured to be on the judging panel for the “shark tank” style session with select VCs, business angels and entrepreneurs. I think NetEvents is a great place to socialize and really communicate, educate and exchange ideas.”

Hiro Rio Maeda – Managing Director, DNX Ventures

“It’s a great format. I have already made valuable connections across the NetEvents network. These virtual events are the future!”

Neil Ledger – Group Director, Exclusive Networks

“This has been a fantastic event … absolutely top notch. We’ve met some great analysts, had some great press coverage and it is a very efficient way to get press coverage from a variety of different countries all in one place.  The quality of discussions the quality of panels and the analyst presentations has also been top notch.  It’s my first NetEvents but not my last.”

Shehzad Merchant – Chief Technology Officer, Gigamon

“This has been a really exciting two days for us at HP. It’s been absolutely tremendous to be able to get this much exposure to so many press and analysts in just 48 hours. We have participated in these events for many years and I can now appreciate why HP have been attending these events for such a long period of time and look forward to our continued involvement in these events around the globe.”

Amol Mitra – Head HP Networking APJ

“NetEvents is the most cost effective and efficient IT focused forum for international press and analyst relations that I have ever experienced – I’d recommend these events to anyone wishing to build highly effective relationships with press and analysts across the globe.”

Nan Chen—President, MEF

“NetEvents is a unique opportunity for dialogue with a great mix of tech start-ups, innovative companies, analysts and journalists.  The superb NetEvents team makes it a brilliant event.”

Galeal Zino – Founder & CEO, NetFoundry

“NetEvents is unique in that it allows you to maximize time with a number of top analysts and journalists in an informal environment.”

Phil Tilley—Director CloudBand and NFV Product Marketing, Nokia

“NetEvents put on a fantastic event. We were really impressed by the quality of the press, analysts and fellow vendors.”

Nir Zuk – Founder & CTO, Palo Alto Networks

“NetEvents is fantastic!  It’s the perfect venue to tell a story, which then resonates across the globe through the variety of high-level participates here, including press and analysts, resellers, corporate CIOs, tech investors and other industry influencers. I have found NetEvents an invaluable valuable experience over the past 15+ years.”

Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder at Sevco Security,
Chairman & CEO, Cyberforce Security
Formerly CMO TippingPoint, Fortinet, Cylance, Javelin & JASK

“We’ve had the opportunity to meet with different press and analyst contingents. We’ve been able to tell our story, answer some really great in-depth questions, and explain our differentiation in in-depth conversations.”

Damon Ennis, Senior Vice President of Products, Silver Peak

“NetEvents provided a great platform for SpyCloud to reach journalists from around the world. We saw more social media discussion about us than we expected and continue to get coverage, more than 6 months later.”

Ted Ross – CEO & Co-founder, SpyCloud


“I’ve had a great experience at NetEvents: the presentations have been excellent in terms of content delivery as well as the interactive format in terms of the audience participation and the panel discussions. In addition I found the round table discussions with the analysts, other Service Providers and vendors very useful. The whole informal atmosphere helped and allowed us to have the ability to network in a manner that you normally do not have in events such as these. So all in all, ‘excellent’ and I look forward to participating in the next one.”

Amit Sinha Roy – Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, Tata Communications

“I have been working successfully with NetEvents for a decade on promoting Carrier Ethernet through the Metro Ethernet Forum.  And more recently I got to work with Mark Fox and his NetEvents team on Ethernet’s 40th birthday celebration at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View, CA.  I am amazed and grateful to NetEvents for how hard they worked over the six months and for what a great event they pulled off.”

Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet Inventor, and Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, The University of Texas at Austin

“NetEvents is a fantastic way to connect with a large number of diverse analysts and journalists in a very time efficient, cost efficient way. If you want a way to make an impact, a way to get your message across, NetEvents is definitely the way to go.”

Joe Baguley – CTO, EMEA, VMware Inc


“…a great chance to make a whole lot of useful contacts, without the heavy industry approach.”

Tam Dell’Oro, Founder & President, Dell’Oro Group

“NetEvents is a fantastic place to go to meet some of the most interesting voices in merging technology markets. After spending a few days at NetEvents, I always have new ideas and perspectives on where specific markets are going.”

Scott Raynovich, Founder and Principal Analyst, Futuriom

“I’ve found NetEvents to be a different approach to information sharing that is very refreshing. There is always a diverse set of technology suppliers, editors and analysts in attendance, which makes for an interesting and useful range of conversations. And the format–mixing formal content with informal meeting opportunities–is very conducive for exchanging ideas.”

Jeremiah Caron, Global Head of Research & Analysis – Technology Group, GlobalData

“NetEvents provides unique opportunities for vendors, analysts, and press to get together and share valuable insights. What’s more, the balance of formal sessions and informal discussion ensures a lively exchange of ideas and observations in an atmosphere that is exceptionally collegial.”

Brad Casemore, Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks, IDC

“Always on my calendar due to the high-level networking and intellectually stimulating meetings offered. The well-chosen locations also foster an informal atmosphere that I find refreshing.”

Camille Mendler, Chief Analyst, Enterprise Services, Omdia

“The NetEvents team pride themselves on creating unique, high touch events at lovely locales.  As an analyst, I have unparalleled access to meet with numerous C-level executives plus interact with press from around the world.”

Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services, Vertical Systems Group

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