The right DX strategy for getting ahead in the digital economy

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CxO Round-Table

The right DX strategy for getting ahead in the digital economy

16 March 2022

2pm Singapore | 2pm Beijing | 3pm Tokyo | 5pm Sydney

Broadcast Date: 30 March 2022

The race is on to see which organisations will emerge as front runners in the new digital economy. All over the world, enterprises are investing to transform themselves so that they can set the pace in their industry sector and ensure future profitability and growth. The winners will all have one thing in common: A willingness to re-engineer every aspect of their business on digital-first principles.

This demands a clear strategy for transforming every aspect of an organisation, from its networks and technology systems to its people and processes. It’s about deploying platforms that enhance communications and collaboration between employees, customers and business partners. Digital business is also about being safe and secure, ensuring trusted interactions with all stakeholders.

The good news is that enterprises in the Asia Pacific region are ahead of the game in this new digital paradigm. Recent research from an independent research study shows that 65% of businesses in APAC have been successful in transforming to a digital-first model, putting the region in front of the global average. APAC businesses are also ahead of the pack in terms of future planning, with 48% expecting to be digital leaders in 12 to 24 months from now.

Research firm IDC believes that businesses in APAC are well positioned to leapfrog rivals in other regions in their speed of recovery from the COVID crisis, thanks in the main to their existing investments in digital transformation. IDC believes that businesses across APAC are now focussed on a return to growth and expansion.

Detailed information on these trends will be revealed at our upcoming live online event. A leading IDC analyst from the APAC region will be joined by major industry names for what promises to be a stimulating discussion.

Analyst Chair: Nikhil Batra
Associate Research Director, IDC

Registration for this event is subject to approval

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