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The Meeting Place for Technology Leaders

Exclusive highly focussed international live and online events, to discuss and share knowledge with leading analysts, media, technologists, C-Level / Senior industry execs and the investment community.

  • NetEvents Live! annual global and regional summits
  • NetEvents inter@ctive online events to global audiences
  • NetEvents wired online inter@ctive & Live! events, tailored to your message and market.

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Our Key Services:

Exclusive regional/global events for invited industry leaders and media. Discuss, share and network with technologists, visionaries and C-level peers. Foster lasting relationships face-to-face with leading tech journalists and analysts in a relaxed, focused environment.

Optimal blend of targeted and global coverage. Our ‘inner circle’ of top global and regional media (and their chosen VIPs) gain privileged access to preview, interact with and report discussions with a select panel of vendors, visionaries and C-level specialists – before content is streamed worldwide.

NetEvents began by asking journalists what they wanted – then organised a better industry event. We are still listening. Still working to develop new communication ideas between vendors and press. Join NetEvents wired and become part of this community, shaping a new co-operative ecosystem that celebrates good news while respecting truth.

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Scroll down for our latest newsworthy content. NetReporter is part of our media service. We encourage all media to use or re-purpose any NetEvents content – videos, podcasts, broadcasts and articles – to support their own editorial. We can also offer introductions to a wealth of industry and analyst sources from our global network. In return we invite your suggestions for hot topics and stimulating interviews with today’s key futurists, innovators, technologists, tech venture capitalists, entrepreneurs etc. The Editorial team would be very pleased to hear your feedback/answer any questions on our new NetReporter content and receive your suggestions. Please contact me at

The ‘branch of one’ and the new enterprise edge

The pandemic forced organisations everywhere to come up with rapid solutions to unforeseen challenges. In particular they were tasked almost overnight with finding ways of supporting hundreds or perhaps thousands of remote workers – the so-called ‘branch of one’. This…

The distributed superfortress: securing tomorrow’s IT infrastructure

The impact of the COVID pandemic on IT operations in general and cybersecurity in particular has been profound. CIOs and CISOs have been kept on their toes throughout and have a very uncertain landscape ahead of them. There is a…


The ‘branch of one’ looks like it’s here to stay

Working from home used to be the privilege of a few lucky souls, spared the inconveniences of the daily commute and the tittle tattle of office politics around the watercooler by virtue of their special status. Now after a year…

A change is in the air for enterprise connectivity

Cloud has changed the way enterprises handle IT. In fact it’s such an established model that it’s hard to imagine…

IaC trend gathers pace with funding win for env0

Pictured: env0 founders Ohad Maislish and Omry Hay   The trend toward infrastructure-as-code (IaC) has gathered pace, the latest evidence…

Equinix ramps up xScale facilities to meet hyperscale demand

In response to unprecedented enterprise adoption of hyperscale clouds, digital infrastructure player Equinix is expanding the number of xScale data…

How should SD-WAN adapt to deal with long term challenges?

By Mark Fox, CEO of NetEventsIt wouldn’t be pointing out anything new to say that SD-WAN came of age…

The network transformation journey and why it matters

Businesses are continually being told that they need to transform themselves digitally. They are also regularly warned that integral to…

Getting the most from technology in a post-COVID world

In 2019, the roadmap for enterprise IT investment seemed pretty clear. Every organisation was at least part way along a…